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Justin Bieber's 18th Birthday Present: $100,000 Electric Car — Fisker Karma (VIDEO)

  A $100,000 electric car (actually, plug-in hybrid) with super style, the Fisker Karma — it’s not the worst present you could receive on your 18th present, and I’m sure (somewhat) greenie Justin Bieber isn’t complaining, after receiving it from his campaign manager for his 18th birthday. Scott Braun, Bieber’s manager, actually presented Bieber with […]

March 1st

Green News Daily (VIDEO)

Top green news from around the internet (video is followed by photos and short excerpts on the news): Catastrophic Global Warming & Climate Change Underestimated Yep, catastrophic global warming predictions by climate scientists have underestimated probably warming if we don’t curb emissions fast. (Not a surprise that another study has found this — I’ve covered […]

February 27th

The Lindberg Report Podcast: Clayton Cornell of Gas2

My guest today is no stranger to the subject of biofuels. Clayton began experimenting with small-scale biodiesel production at Oregon State University. Of his many projects to produce and use a local fuel source, he was involved in the construction of a biodiesel reactor designed to convert waste cafeteria oil into biodiesel for use in […]

March 13th