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Earth Jealous of Moon

This cartoon is in the current issue of Yes! Magazine. It’s a great issue about STUFF. Annie Leonard is the cover girl and Woody gets a little press for his tree-free paper company Step Forward Paper. I have 2 cartoons in this issue. I’ll share the other one next week…it may be my new favorite. […]

August 22nd

Over-Population: The Most Serious Environmental Problem for Science

  It would be difficult to drive down any popular street in this country without seeing some new development. Whether it is a new subdivision of McMansions, or a new strip mall, it seems just about every farmer’s fields are growing smaller to make more room for supermarkets, fast food chains, or housing developments. It begs […]

May 27th

5 Steps to a Greener Wiener (err…love life)

Our love lives can be physically, emotionally, and environmentally taxing. You’re on your own with the first two issues; I’m here to offer suggestions for the third… Step One: Meet You’ll save precious time if you know where to find an equally environmentally-conscious mate. Some suggestions–head to your local farmer’s market or Green Drinks chapter, […]

July 21st

Oklahoma Senator Seeks Constitutional Right to Hunt

Democratic Oklahoma state senator Earl Garrison has proposed a “Hunters Bill of Rights” that would guarantee the legality of hunting. He fears a ban on hunting could could happen at some point due to pressure from animal rights groups and hopes to preemptively block any attempts with a constitutional amendment. “Animals have to be harvested,” […]

October 26th