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Coal To Solar: Retraining Our Energy Workforce

As many celebrate the shuttering of coal-fired electricity generation facilities, a call for retraining this former energy workforce from coal to solar is opening the eyes of some. In a study published in Energy Economics, researchers from Michigan Technological University and Oregon State University see a bright spot for coal workers targeting high-quality employment in […]

June 25th

Residential Users May Join To Build Community-Based Solar Systems & Partnerships

Originally published on CleanTechnica. What could make more sense than to have groups of homeowners, neighbors, collaborating with community solar systems and activating community use and the benefits of solar? Predictions are that residential users will increasingly join and build community-based solar systems and partnerships. Quite naturally, some structures lend themselves better than others to solar […]

April 15th

Warming Period 400,000 Years Ago Resulted In Near-Complete Deglaciation Of Southern Greenland

Southern Greenland experienced nearly complete deglaciation during a warm period over 400,000 years ago, according to new research. The warming was apparently enough to tip the massive ice-sheet of southern Greenland past its stability threshold — eventually resulting in 4-6 meters of global sea level rise. This new research represents some of the first to […]

June 29th

Return Of Wolves To Yellowstone Has Benefitted Grizzly Bears, Research Finds — Berries Becoming Abundant Again Thanks To Return Of Wolf

The return of wolves to Yellowstone National Park is having an interesting — though not surprising — effect on the larger ecosystem, affecting everything from grizzly bears to elk to berry bushes, according to new research from Oregon State University and Washington State University. The new research has found that grizzlies are benefiting greatly from […]

July 30th

Climate Change Threatening The Continued Survival Of Low-Elevation Forests In Arid Regions

Climate change may result in the inability of low-elevation forests which are located in arid regions to regenerate, according to new research from Oregon State University. With rising temperatures and increasing aridity, many regions may see the disappearance of their forests. “Predicted increases in temperature and drought in the coming century may make it more […]

June 30th

The State Of The Climate Change Battle: Science-Based Warnings Vs. The Politician's Caution.

During a ten-day period last month, two very different views about climate change were presented to the public from two very different bodies of influence. The two conflicting perspectives illustrate well the chasm which now exists between mainstream science and mainstream US politics regarding one of the most important issues facing society today. Leading policy makers, […]

April 3rd