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The Easy Guide To Sustainable Living In 2013

Editor’s Note: This post has been sponsored by Ausenco. Sustainable living should be a gradual process, as completely changing one’s lifestyle overnight is a little far-fetched. However, by gradually making your life more sustainable, you can save money and contribute to a healthier style of living… and, ultimately, a better world. Staying committed and focused […]

July 10th

10 Companies With Eco-Conscious Production Processes

A lot of companies out there claim to “going green.” Take the different manufacturers of hybrid automobiles, for instance. Sure, the cars use less fossil fuels than conventional automobiles. However, they still emit a ton (well, many tons) of greenhouse gases, and their manufacturing processes are also highly energy intensive. Hybrid manufacturers are not alone; many […]

June 21st

Papillionaire Bicycles Are Cool, Cute, Relaxed, & Maybe Even Revolutionary

Editor’s Note: Reposted from Bikocity, here’s an interesting article about some cool bikes that have flipped the switch on urban transportation as well as how to sell bikes. Even though I am a lifelong biker, I don’t care about the latest in the “best” head gear, and even though I am naturally quite athletic, I […]

June 16th

Case For Vegetarianism Made By Young Boy (Video)… And Food Journalist (Video)

Someone shared this video with me awhile back. Thanks to it being a catchup Sunday, I just got around to watching it. It makes the case for vegetarianism using the heart in an excellent way. Check it out: If you’d like a more sophisticated, intellectual case for going veggie, watch this one below from […]

June 16th