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Two Mexican Social Activists Found Tortured, Murdered

The bodies of two well-known social activists were found Guerrero, Mexico showing clear signs of torture. [social_buttons] Raul Lucas and Manuel Ponce were captured on February 13th by three people claiming to be police in Ayutla de los Libres, according to relatives. The men were attending a meeting regarding plans to open several new schools […]

February 24th

Native Man Killed by Poachers Over Illegal Fishing Catch

Poachers killed an indigenous man on the remote Indian Andaman Islands after him and other members of his tribe, the Jarawa, requested that the poachers share their fish bounty with the tribe. The Andamans and their surrounding waters are protected but an increasing number of poachers have been fishing in the area.

December 2nd

Organic Farmer Murdered After Protesting Toxic Dumpsite

An Indian organic farmer and anti-pollution advocate was shot to death on Monday while in the midst of exposing an illegal dumpsite on his property to the media. Challa Krishnamurthy started a 20-acre organic farm in Gowribidanur, India with the intention to make it a model for how others should treat the land. But despite […]

November 13th