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Portugal Processes Licenses For 2 GW Of Solar Electricity, Sans Subsidies

In notable solar news, Portugal has authorized the processing of licenses for solar projects which total more than 2,000 megawatts (2 gigawatts) of potential power. Specifically, 180 MW of solar projects have presently been authorized under the existing market system in the nation’s southern region, and an additional 68 licenses for solar projects are being processed, which […]

July 26th

Significant News From Jordan’s Rooftop Solar Sector

PV solar installations are steadily proliferating in Jordan, with the residential and commercial rooftop sectors expecting to see a significant rise in 2015. Already the leader in the Arab world for utility-scale solar PV installations, Jordan also anticipates an additional 200 MW going online in 2015 as many medium- and large-scale solar farms are currently […]

February 11th

Humans Exited Africa Earlier Than Thought

Artefacts that have recently been unearthed in the United Arab Emirates have cast doubt on the timeframe with which early humans exited Africa into the Arabian Peninsula, suggesting that humans could have arrived as early as 125,000 years ago, over two times that which had previously been supposed. The research has been published in the […]

January 28th

What's Going On in The Gulf of Aden?

USGS is reporting a very unusual swarm of significant earthquakes starting early this morning in the sea between Africa and the Arabian peninusla, right off the coast of Yemen, and in one of the world’s most important and busiest shipping lanes. But, earthquake swarms happen, even in places that are not normally known for seismic […]

November 14th