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Funding More Fire Suppression Won't Do The Trick

A firefighter pauses at the $2013 Rim Fire in Yosemite National Park, August-September 2013 (Calfire photo on facebook). President Obama released the federal budget for 2015 last week. Overall, it involves the lowest deficit ($514 billion) of his five-year tenure in office and restores some funding cut in last year’s sequester. Parts of the new […]

March 9th

"The Hunter" — A Breathtaking Transformation, In Pursuit Of The Last Tasmanian Tiger (Environmental Film Festival Series)

Every one of us is on a learning curve capable of transformation. Every one of us chooses a path, or the path takes us. We grow attached to our efforts, ideas, the commitment to our beliefs — the environmentalist who concerns himself with saving the trees; the logger, happy to have the only real work […]

February 21st

Selective Logging May Provide Third Choice

  A new study has shown that selective logging of tropical forests may be one of the few feasible options for conservation in the face of the huge financial incentives pushing developing nations and tropical landholders to convert forests into cash. The study analysed data from more than a hundred studies of tropical forests that […]

May 14th