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Funding More Fire Suppression Won't Do The Trick

A firefighter pauses at the $2013 Rim Fire in Yosemite National Park, August-September 2013 (Calfire photo on facebook). President Obama released the federal budget for 2015 last week. Overall, it involves the lowest deficit ($514 billion) of his five-year tenure in office and restores some funding cut in last year’s sequester. Parts of the new […]

March 9th

"The Hunter" — A Breathtaking Transformation, In Pursuit Of The Last Tasmanian Tiger (Environmental Film Festival Series)

Every one of us is on a learning curve capable of transformation. Every one of us chooses a path, or the path takes us. We grow attached to our efforts, ideas, the commitment to our beliefs — the environmentalist who concerns himself with saving the trees; the logger, happy to have the only real work […]

February 21st

Selective Logging May Provide Third Choice

  A new study has shown that selective logging of tropical forests may be one of the few feasible options for conservation in the face of the huge financial incentives pushing developing nations and tropical landholders to convert forests into cash. The study analysed data from more than a hundred studies of tropical forests that […]

May 14th

Jarrah Timber – A Recycling Dream

Jarrah timber is one of the most versatile, durable, and beautiful timbers in the world. It is extremely dense, and is resistant to rot, fungus, termites, and general weathering from the elements. This makes it a sought after choice for both the construction and furniture industries. However, its popularity has also contributed to its exploitation, […]

January 14th

Tropical Forests Dying by 2100

A new study suggests that by 2100 only 18% to 45% of the plants and animals that make up tropical forests will still be there. The study, led by Greg Asner at the Carnegie Institutions Department of Global Ecology, combined new deforestation and selective logging data with climate change projections to consider their combined effects […]

August 6th

Dramatic Decline in Illegal Logging

A new report released shows that after a decade of effort across the planet the fight against illegal logging is finally paying dividends. The assessment, released by Chatham House, is the most thorough assessment to date and finds that a decade of international effort to tackle the problem is having a dramatic and beneficial effect […]

July 16th

Ax Men Reality TV Show Busted For Logging Without Permit

Around $10,000-worth of timber was confiscated from a lumber company after their illegal activities were exposed on their very own reality TV show on the History Channel. [social_buttons] Before we get into the details, let this sink in for a second: there’s a reality TV show that documents people competing to cut down trees. We’ve […]

March 15th

Fishy Deal Relocates Rare Pacific Fishers to Logging Area

Despite vocal opposition from the public and conservation groups ForestEthics and Sierra Forest Legacy, California will soon move 40 Pacific fishers from a healthy habitat along the North Coast to land owned by logging company Sierra Pacific Industries along the Southern Cascades. [social_buttons] The California Department of Fish and Game’s stated intention is to rebuild […]

March 1st

Conservationists to Buy Old Growth Forests in Washington

If all goes as planned, conservation groups such as the Sierra Club will be buying 3,000 acres of land that was previously set for a clearcut. The parcels, located in Washington’s Skykomish Valley, include ecologically sensitive old growth forests and provide the scenic view that the neighboring areas are known for having. Charlies Raines of […]

January 5th

10 Companies to Boycott for Sending You Junk Mail

Conservation group ForestEthics has released their annual “Naughty or Nice” list of corporations regarding their treatment of our forests. These ten companies continue to fill your mailbox with junk at the expense of the trees. [social_buttons] The list, determined by four separate criteria, includes a “Checking Twice” category for companies in a gray area. JC […]

December 18th

Former Logger Protects 16 Million Acres in Northern Canada

Since 1993, Wayne Sawchuk, a former logger and grizzly bear hunter, has been working tirelessly to protect “the biggest well-kept secret in North America.” Wayne Sawchuk recently found some atonement for decades of his life spent logging, partying and grizzly hunting. Funded mostly by private donors, Sawchuck played a major role in the conservation of […]

October 20th

Amazon Deforestation on the Rise Again

With a constant need to look out for the planets ecosystems, it is always saddening to see that some governments simply are not. So when I saw the news that, over the past 12 months, deforestation in the Amazon rain forest had jumped 69%, I was literally shocked. According to the National Institute for Space […]

August 31st

The Nature Conservancy: 320,000 Acres of Forest Protected in Landmark Deal

Few places on Earth are as untouched as the "Crown of the Continent" — a 10-million-acre expanse of mountains, valleys and prairies in Montana and Canada. The area has sustained all the same species — including grizzlies, lynx, moose and bull trout — for at least 200 years.

Now — in one of the most significant conservation sales in history — The Nature Conservancy and The Trust for Public Land have preserved 320,000 acres of forestlands in western Montana that provide valuable habitat for species in the Crown of the Continent.

June 30th