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Justin Bieber's Monkey Held In Germany

Oops – it looks the Biebs fell prey to a pet impulse purchase. His very young Capuchin monkey has been placed in a German animal shelter, after authorities confiscated it for not having the proper paperwork. Owning primates is probably a bad idea anyway. They are very social creatures and need to interact with each […]

April 26th

Justin Bieber's 18th Birthday Present: $100,000 Electric Car — Fisker Karma (VIDEO)

  A $100,000 electric car (actually, plug-in hybrid) with super style, the Fisker Karma — it’s not the worst present you could receive on your 18th present, and I’m sure (somewhat) greenie Justin Bieber isn’t complaining, after receiving it from his campaign manager for his 18th birthday. Scott Braun, Bieber’s manager, actually presented Bieber with […]

March 1st

Exposed! Justin Bieber Proves Global Warming a Hoax!

(Crossposted from our sister blog, RedGreenAndBlue.org) How does bullshit propagate on the Internet? Easily. Some guy says something crazy – like “Justin Bieber loves him Sharia Law” or “Most scientists don’t believe in global warming.” Then a few people repeat it. Suddenly it’s everywhere. And for well-meaning folks who haven’t actually looked that deeply into […]

December 31st