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3D Rhino Horns – Conservation or Exploitation?

If waves of cheap rhino horns 3D-printed with real rhino DNA are flooded onto the Asian markets, is this a form of rhino conservation or capitalistic exploitation? This critical question is gnawing at the root of a controversial business venture to use real rhino DNA in the commercial production of 3D-printed rhino horns. In a […]

July 6th

Sixth Mass Extinction Has Arrived, Confirms Stanford

Declaring that the sixth mass extinction has arrived, Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich confirms that species are disappearing off the face of Earth faster now than at any time since the mass extinction of dinosaurs. Calling for “fast action to conserve threatened species, populations and habitat before the window of opportunity closes,” Ehrlich and his team […]

June 22nd

Extinction Debt, Historical Legacy Of Population Losses More Significant Than Current Population Numbers

Extinction debt is playing a considerably more important role in recent extinctions than conservation practices, or the lack thereof, are, new research from the University of Vienna has found. Most recent extinctions are primarily the result of socio-economic stressors placed on environments in the early to mid 20th century, and the population/genetic diversity losses associated […]

April 16th

Bengali Forests Are Rapidly Disappearing, Research Finds

The rapid deforestation of the Sundarbans Mangroves is expected to intensify as human development in the area continues and climate change worsens, according to a new report from the Zoological Society of London. This will result in the extinction of a great many plants and animals, including the Bengal tiger. The Sundarbans are currently losing […]

January 13th

16% of Species in Finding Nemo Endangered

  Pixar’s Finding Nemo is a classic, already. Unfortunately, many of the species in the film are endangered. A new study by the International Union for Conservation of Nature actually finds that 16% of them “face the threat of extinction.” “The analysis of 1,568 species is not just a whimsical look at American popular culture […]

December 20th

Endangered Plant Species List — Saving Endangered Plants

We write about endangered species on here relatively often, but we generally focus on endangered animals. Of course, people relate more to animals than plants and are more touched by the thought of animal species disappearing forever than plant species disappearing forever, but I thought for this National Endangered Species Day I’d give a little attention to the plants.

May 20th

Costco Expands Sustainable Seafood Policy – Sales of 12 'Red-List' Fish Will Cease

Last August, Planetsave reported on voluntary changes made by maga-wholesaler Costco to its seafood procurement practices. Most notably, in response to a letter from concerned share-holders, Costco ceased the sale of seven types of fish currently at risk of collapsing from over-fishing (the Atlantic cod, Atlantic halibut, Chilean sea bass, orange roughy, shark, swordfish, and […]

February 25th

U.S. Manatee Deaths Hit Record Level in 2010

In concluding the International Year of Biodiversity, the good news is that manatees are still with us, the bad news is that manatee deaths in U.S. waters continue to climb. In 2009, there were 429 reported manatee deaths, which was about double the number from 2008.  As of December 2010, however, manatee deaths totaled 699. […]

January 9th

Our Oceans are Seeing Red

Our oceans, or more accurately, the creatures in our oceans, are in big trouble. Here’s some depressing news from Blue Planet Society: Our marine ecosystem is under threat like never before in the history of humanity. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) 33% of cartilaginous fishes and 15% of bony fishes […]

November 9th

Controversial New Whaling Quotas Proposed by IWC

A controversial new proposal would allow nations (i.e. Japan, Norway and Iceland) to kill endangered whales. Quotas will be based on politics, not science. In 1986, commercial whaling was officially banned by the International Whaling Commission (IWC), an entity established to protect dramatically declining whale stocks. Despite this ban, certain nations, most notably Japan, Norway […]

Last Nesting Male Iberian Eagle in Portugal Shot Dead

[social_buttons] Portuguese environmentalists have condemned the killing of the country’s last remaining nesting male Iberian Imperial Eagle. The bird, also known as the Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti), is one of the three rarest birds of prey on the planet, with only around 400 surviving, and is classified as ‘vulnerable to extinction’ in the IUCN […]

March 10th

Google Earth Adds Underwater Ocean Element

Geared towards raising awareness of endangered ocean habitats, a new online tool allows viewers an in-depth peek at underwater reefs around the world. Google Earth has taken us up and out into the universe, and now they are taking us down and under the surface of the sea. The new Google Earth ‘layer’ will allow […]

October 27th

Global Warming Could Quicken the Spread of Disease

Climate change could make it easier for some “deadly” diseases to be transmitted from animals to humans. Global Warming is not just about melting ice caps and rising temperatures.  Scientists continue to discover new ways in which the “butterfly effect” of global warming could transform life on Earth as we know it.  The Wildlife Conservation […]

October 7th

One in Four Mammals at Risk of Extinction

A comprehensive, international survey released today, showed that half of all 5,487 mammal populations are declining. [social_buttons] Just today, data from a global survey was revealed at a meeting of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Barcelona, Spain.  1,700 researchers took part in the survey and named habitat loss and hunting as […]

October 6th