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The Sunday Times Amazongate Story Retracted (5 months late)

The Sunday Times has just retracted its horrible and misleading Amazongate story, five months after being published. Remember Amazongate? It was a “big” news story that was supposed to show corruption and misrepresentation of data by climate change scientists. Well, if you couldn’t guess it before, the not-so-big news (as in, hardly covered news) now […]

June 28th

British Experiments to Test Ecological Conditions in 2100, Today

There is almost nothing quite as intriguing and interesting as learning of a new experiment. And while Bunsen burners and the like may be OK for some of you, for me, get me outside and in some dirt any day. A new experiment, being conducted at Imperial College London’s Silwood Park campus in Berkshire, will […]

September 28th

Yet Another Climate Change Cause ID'd

Human exhalations are contributing to the ongoing increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels that are driving climate change, according to a new study released today from the University of Northwest Florida (UNWF). The four-year-long study by atmospheric scientist Lawrence Meany concluded that human respiration and conversation could be responsible for up to 12 percent of […]

50, 75 … Do I Hear 100 Percent Emissions Cuts?

Got some bad news for all those countries trying to hammer out a successor to the Kyoto Protocol: aiming for carbon dioxide emissions reductions of 25, 50, even 75 percent in the coming decades ain’t gonna cut it. The only way to stabilize Earth’s climate, according to new research, is to cut carbon emissions to […]

February 15th

IPCC Climate Report Might Underestimate Risks

Fellow blogger Joshua Hill has already expressed his aggravation with the U.S.’s efforts to water down the latest climate change assessment from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, but things might be even worse than they already sound. A new report from The Climate Institute in Australia examines the latest research on climate change and […]

November 16th