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Roger Federer: Malawi Kids Deserve Your Love, Too (& Schoolbooks)

  OK, if you don’t follow tennis at all. Ever. Not even for a second. Then you might not know who Roger Federer is. If not, he’s arguably the best tennis player to ever live. Incidentally, he’s also heavily involved in charitable efforts, especially in some of the poorest countries in the world (a form […]

January 12th

Bamboo to Save Haiti?

Crowdfunding sites are becoming some of my favorite spots online to hit when I’m looking for unique stories. A browse through Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Greenfunder (which I just discovered today) brings up all sorts of innovative projects aimed at implementing sustainable practices in many different forms.

Today, the concept I came across was growing bamboo in Haiti. Proponents like Forè Bamboo (an organization I discovered on Greenfunder) claim the fast-growing plant can help Haitians still recovering from last year’s earthquake in a number of ways: providing a very strong building material, shoring up topsoil against erosion, reversing deforestation, and providing economic opportunities to Haitian farmers. You can see more about their plans in the video above.

Help Create a Documentary on Haiti and Its Long-Term Food Crisis

http://vimeo.com/13301985 Important activist opportunity to help make a film about Haiti that goes deep into the country’s history, culture, and food insecurity issues. Haiti was on people’s map after the horrible earthquake it suffered recently, and then… quickly off it. Perhaps a much bigger issue for Haiti than this recent earthquake, however, is a food […]

July 31st