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Warming Period 400,000 Years Ago Resulted In Near-Complete Deglaciation Of Southern Greenland

Southern Greenland experienced nearly complete deglaciation during a warm period over 400,000 years ago, according to new research. The warming was apparently enough to tip the massive ice-sheet of southern Greenland past its stability threshold — eventually resulting in 4-6 meters of global sea level rise. This new research represents some of the first to […]

June 29th

Glaciers Contributing Same As Ice Sheet Melt To Sea Level Rise

Research has found that approximately 99% of our planet’s land-locked ice is held up in the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. The remainder, however, is out in the open, located primarily in the glaciers dotted throughout the appropriate latitudes across the planet. And according to new research, those glaciers contributed approximately the same amount of […]

May 20th

Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets More Stable Than Previously Thought

Scientific understanding is continually shifting as time moves on. For decades now, scientists have assumed that ancient high tide lines referred to higher sea levels. These assumptions have led scientists to believe that if the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets were to completely melt, they would cause such a high sea level again. New research, […]

May 20th

Six-Foot Robot Invades Greenland, For Science

There is nothing better in life than a good robot story, and what’s even better is when that robot is named GROVER. GROVER stands for both Greenland Rover and Goddard Remotely Operated Vehicle for Exploration and Research — which must have just really made the NASA scientists day, when they realised — and is set to […]

May 2nd

Greenland 2012 Record Breaking Ice Melt Driven By Thin Clouds

Low-level clouds usually reflect solar energy back into space, as does the white coverage of snow. The albedo of cloud and snow — it’s ability to reflect sunlight back into space — is vitally important for minimising the level of solar energy wandering around inside our atmosphere, heating up our planet. One of the fears […]

April 5th

Chasing Ice — “Insanely, Ridiculously Beautiful” Cavings, Cliffs, & Mountains Of Ice & Life

“I am going out on this broken fin, and I assume it won’t collapse” — so says James Balog as he slides over to the edge of an endless cliff of ice that would make many feel faint simply to observe. Balog is nothing if not obsessive — however, brilliantly so. Needing his third knee […]

March 31st