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Low-Climate-Sensitivity Theory (Last Climate Skeptic Claim) Gets Debunked… x 3

  This is Part 1 of a 2-Part series on climate sensitivity originally posted on Skeptical Science and reposted with permission. When it comes to global climate change, there are two critical and intertwined, but distinct issues: science, and policy.  We generally focus on the science, because that is what dictates the appropriate policy response, or at least what […]

May 11th

Correction: 2010 & 2005 Actually Hottest Years on Record According to UK Met Office; World Warming Faster than Thought

  It’s long been known by people who follow climate science that the Met Office underestimates global temperature rise. Why? Because it’s Hadley/CRU (Climatic Research Unit) Temperature dataset (HadCRUT) undersamples the Arctic, and the Arctic is where the most warming is occurring. “Now the Met[eorological] Office (part of the Defence Ministry) has corrected their errors and update […]

March 20th

Clean Energy Needed (NOW) to Stop Global Warming (.. Natural Gas Not a Good Option)

  A couple days ago, over on sister site CleanTechnica, I reposted a Grist piece on a new study by former Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold and climate scientist Ken Caldeira. The post and new study were about what energy transition is needed to address global warming this century. The basic conclusions of it all (also […]

March 2nd

Green News Daily (VIDEO)

Top green news from around the internet (video is followed by photos and short excerpts on the news): Catastrophic Global Warming & Climate Change Underestimated Yep, catastrophic global warming predictions by climate scientists have underestimated probably warming if we don’t curb emissions fast. (Not a surprise that another study has found this — I’ve covered […]

February 27th

Global Warming News (Abnormally Warm January; Abnormally Cold Europe; Problem with NASA's Blue Marble)

  Other than what we’ve covered already, here are some top global warming stories of the past week or two. January Was Warm! Yes, January was warmer than average. (Surprised?) Michael Lemonick of Climate Central has more: “As it does every month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released U.S. weather stats for the […]

February 18th