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How To Hack A US Presidential Election

I get a lot of press releases emailed my way. One flew in this week regarding how easy/difficult it is to hack a presidential election. I didn’t spend time on it since it didn’t seem like a story for us and this election seems like one where election-day cheating is least likely to matter, but […]

August 31st

Why "Global Warming is a Hoax" is a Completely Idiotic Idea (Infographic & Table)

  If global warming is a hoax, I’m a green alien from the planet Straftyorb. Seriously. Our media network founder, David Anderson, shared the infographic below on Facebook the other day. I passed on sharing it on here because it just seems so obvious. However, it’s been going around and it is a pretty straightforward […]

February 28th

The Irony of Global Warming Denial

Denying reality: the irony of global warming denial in one simple phrase Climate change (global warming, global climate disruption, it doesn’t matter what you call it) has become such an idealogical and political football that some who claim they “don’t believe in global warming” seem to have lost sight of one immutable fact. Global warming […]

September 16th