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Australian Views on Climate Change Shifting

With a national election under a fortnight away the attitude Australian’s have to climate change continues to shift. With Australian’s going to the polls on the 21st of August a new poll by Gallup shows that the countries attitudes towards global warming could be a factor in an election which follows many others with global […]

August 10th

Giant Ice Island Breaks Off Greenland

Big global warming news of the weekend, other than it being global warming’s birthday, is that a giant island of ice has broken off a Greenland glacier. The massive ice island is 4 times the size of Manhattan. It is the largest chunk of ice to break off of the Arctic since 1962.

August 8th

Tropical Forests Dying by 2100

A new study suggests that by 2100 only 18% to 45% of the plants and animals that make up tropical forests will still be there. The study, led by Greg Asner at the Carnegie Institutions Department of Global Ecology, combined new deforestation and selective logging data with climate change projections to consider their combined effects […]

August 6th