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Geothermal Energy Facts

If you are considering geothermal energy for a renewable energy option, you need to have all the facts you can get. Here are some key geothermal energy facts I’ve dug up. Basic geothermal energy facts: Geothermal energy is made inside the Earth. The world geothermal comes from Greek words meaning ‘Earth’ (geo) and ‘heat’ (thermos). While the […]

February 16th

Solar Prices Drop 80 Percent Since 2008, Onshore Wind Also Falls

This year, we have seen the largest-ever outpouring of reporting and planning for inevitable climate change in the Anthropocene. One of the latest studies, REthinking Energy, draws on worldwide research and financial analysis to form some conclusions about changing our mix of energy, one of the major drivers of the phenomenon, as earth’s population continues to […]

September 12th

Geothermal Climate Control System To Be Installed On Greenwich Ave

On 407–409 Greenwich Avenue, a geothermal heating and cooling system is being installed to facilitate energy-efficient climate control. This climate control system is for a three-story,12,000-square-foot celebrity chef restaurant that is being built where the Thataway restaurant used to be. This project is being run by the JCM Construction Group of Stamford. The system will utilize […]

April 3rd

Geothermal.. Both Kinds [VIDEOS]

What is geothermal energy? What’s the difference between deep earth geothermal power (or Enhanced Geothermal Systems) and ground source “Geothermal” heat pumps? Thanks to a little video digging by Peter Sinclair of Climate Denial Crock of the Week (and the experts in the videos), we can enjoy some good video primers on these cool energy technologies. […]

January 25th