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Fukusnafu: March 2011, And Why Nobody Trusts TEPCO

Here’s what the Fukushima I power nuclear plant complex looked like prior to the natural disasters and explosions. (Source: Before March 2011, if you heard the words “Fukushima Daiichi,” you might wonder if someone had concocted a new sushi roll. Now most of us know about the nuclear accident cascade following Japan’s massive Tōhoku […]

November 3rd

Empowering People: Energy Solutions for the 21st Century

  I was taking one last look around GE’s cool annual reports data visualization on Monday and a really interesting and inspiring thing popped out at me — more and more “power” is being put in the hands of individuals (or households) when it comes to energy. Aside from renewable energy (such as decentralized solar) popping […]

April 4th