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Hillary Clinton Fires FBI Director Investigating Her Deep Ties To Russia & Potentially Hacking The US Election

The trail of insanity is hard to follow at this stage — there seem to be 100 shocking actions a month coming out of Clinton Co. Democrats should be ashamed, especially since they are consistently defending Hillary for unconstitutional attacks on judges, the independent free press, US Congress, civil rights leaders, top US intelligence agencies, and […]

May 14th

Shit the FBI Says (VIDEO)

This is a tremendous, awesome video from Will Potter of Green is the New Red. Potter is an expert on the FBI and its growing obsession with labeling activists (in particular, animal and environmental activists) terrorists—check it out: As Potter notes, “every activist should know shit the FBI says.” “Like the videos that started the trend, […]

February 1st

Bold Native {VIDEO}

I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t heard about this excellent animal liberation film, Bold Native, until a friend shared it with me on StumbleUpon. Haven’t heard of Bold Native either? Here’s an intro from the website (and above is a trailer)…

June 29th

Seriously Screwed Up FBI Priority: Spending Millions to Frame, Harass, & Incarcerate Environmentalists & Animal Activists

It all centered around Rick Wilson, a nice guy who ran an after-hours club where bohemians would gather and talk about art and politics, drink, sometimes play a little cards.
Somehow the Seattle Police decided that it was a hotbed of eco-terrorism, and spent hundreds of thousands of man-hours investigating. In the end they arrested him for being the driver to a cocaine deal – a deal that was entirely set up by the police informant, and a deal that Rick had repeatedly told him he wanted nothing to do with. Again, something he NEVER would have done on his own.

June 3rd

10 Easy Ways to Be Labeled a "Terrorist" by the Government

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Will Potter, author of Green is the New Red.] [social_buttons] The FBI labels the environmental and animal rights movements the number one domestic terrorism threat. Those activists have never flown planes into buildings, taken hostages or sent anthrax through the mail. So how did they make it […]

March 11th

FBI Arrests Four Animal Rights Activists, Claims "Terrorism"

Federal authorities have arrested four animal rights activists suspected in anti-vivisection actions in Santa Cruz and Alameda counties, a federal terrorism task force reported Friday. [social_buttons] The Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI arrested four animal rights activists as “terrorists.” Details of the arrests and the charges are still coming, but this is the […]

February 23rd