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ExxonMobil Says Goodbye To Russian Arctic Oil Well (Part 1)

You may well ask why PlanetSave, a blog usually dedicated to positive developments and actions to save the earth, is reporting news about ExxonMobil and a Russian arctic oil well. The oil discovery appears to have nothing to do with solar or wind or most of our usual topics—we’re talking fossil fuels here, which have caused much […]

October 8th

"Clean Gas" More Dangerous Than Coal, Industry Expert Tells TV

US “clean gas” wells in operation (Irekia-Eusko Jaurlaritza in blogs.lse.ac.uk) Turns out that just about everyone (including President Obama) has been hugely underestimating the methane pollution levels of so-called “clean gas.” The booming American economy now seems to come at a greater cost than we originally thought when we found out that natural gas produces […]

May 22nd

Fossil Fuels & Global Warming Lead to Truly Extreme Weather

  This was recently reposted over on CleanTechnica, from the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE), but I thought it made for a great Planetsave repost as well. It was written by SACE Executive Director Dr. Stephen Smith. The lead-in video is from the insightful and super talented Peter Sinclair. Check it out: “Welcome to the rest of […]

July 27th

ExxonMobil Gets Record €3.3-Million Penalty for Not Reporting CO2 from Scottish Plant

  ExxonMobil either slipped up big time recently by not reporting approximately 30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its Scottish Fife Ethylene Plant. As a result, the oil giant has been hit with a record €3.3-million fine (€3,296,600 to be exact). The fine came from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) “An Exxon spokesman told BusinessGreen the under-reported emissions accounted […]

February 20th

BP to Pay $30 Billion or More to Settle Gulf Oil Spill Claims

In what is being called “even more damning” than an earlier, presidential report*, the government released a new assessment of the Macondo accident and British Petroleum’s role in it, last Wednesday. The report largely places the blame for the accident — the worst oil spill in history — on BP’s cost-cutting policies. Pressure is mounting on both BP and the Obama administration to settle the total liability claims as soon as possible. Initial punitive and economic damages are estimated at $30 billion dollars, and possibly as high as $40 billion.

September 20th

Oil Spilled into Yellowstone River from Ruptured ExxonMobil Pipeline

On Saturday, July 2, an exposed portion of an Exxon-Mobil pipeline ruptured, spilling an unknown volume of oil into the Yellowstone River, 10 miles west of Billings, Montana. The spill coated parts of the river that flow past the town of Laurel, population about 6500; approximately 140 people were immediately evacuated from the area due to fears of a possible explosion.Government and company experts at the scene continue to monitor the situation for health risks.

Oil Companies & U.S. Chamber of Commerce — One & the Same?

Continuing on with our series on 350.org’s The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Doesn’t Speak for Me campaign, let’s take a quick look at some ties between the Chamber and the oil industry.

As you may have heard, and 350.org recently noted, large oil companies are having a ball, raking in billions and billions of dollars in profit (that’s right, not revenue but profit) while the U.S. economy suffers:

“Exxon Mobil nabbed $10.7bn; Shell pulled in $6.9bn; Chevron, $4.5bn; and last but not least, BP, after accounting for oil spill losses still made out with $7.1bn.”

May 6th

Environmental, Global Warming, and Animal News

Some of the top climate change and environmental stories of the last day or so: Climate Science Graph of the Day: Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Changes Good info and graphs on the page above, but thought I’d share the 3 videos from the post here for you to check out just in case you don’t feel […]

February 10th