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European Renewable Organizations Call For Removing Trade Measures Against Chinese PV

A letter signed by 34 European solar and renewable energy organizations has called on the EU to immediately remove trade measures which exist against imports of Chinese PV modules and cells. As reported by pv-magazine, these European solar and renewable energy organizations, led by SolarPower Europe, have requested the EU to take prompt action. “Representing the formalization […]

July 9th

Pact Of Amsterdam Calls For EU Cities’ Air Pollution Action Plan

The Pact of Amsterdam has been released, seeking collaboration from EU cities concerning pressing challenges such as air pollution, climate adaptation, transportation, and energy transition. “Cities have a key role to play in translating national and EU policy objectives into concrete action. They directly or indirectly implement EU policies and legislation and contribute to EU’s […]

June 2nd

China Extends Anti-Dumping Duties On EU Polysilicon Imports

Trade war between China and the European Union is set to continue with the Asian renewable energy giant set to extend anti-dumping duties on EU solar cell raw material imports. Recent media reports suggest that China will extend anti-dumping duties on polysilicon – raw material used in manufacturing solar photovoltaic modules – imported from the […]

May 9th

Climate Humor At The UN COP20 Meet (VIDEOS)

Never let it be said that the doomsaying, treehugging, pointy-headed nerds of the climate change adaptation movement lack a fundamental sense of humor. The dark amusements of the UN’s COP20 conference in Lima—as at prior venues—surface daily in the presentation of an award for [Climate] Fossil of the Day. During United Nations climate change talks […]

December 8th

Solar Power Prices Going Lower & Lower

Originally published on Solar Love. We’re in the midst of a massive cleantech revolution. Solar power is beginning to disrupt the hell out of the power industry. Electric vehicles are on the verge of putting gasmobiles to sleep. Wind power is already one of the cheapest options for new electricity generation in the world — if not the cheapest. The movement […]

August 12th

EU Must Go Beyond Carbon Pricing — For Economy, Climate, EU

WWF has released a briefing paper on post-2020 renewable energy targets. The EU has had some of the most aggressive renewable energy and energy efficiency policies and programs for over two decades now. However, its fuel imports have still risen considerably. Already-established renewable energy and energy efficiency leadership will help the EU to curtail that […]

March 15th

Study: Carbon Pricing Needed In Order To Cut Airline Emissions

There’s a long-standing controversy with airlines and carbon pricing in the EU. Basically, the EU decided to unilaterally put a price on carbon dioxide emissions from all airplanes landing or taking off within its borders. It did so because, despite a global agreement that airline emissions needed to be cut, no progress was made on […]

March 6th

European Cars Not So Green As Claimed, Study Finds

An official, recently completed European Commission study has shown that “European car manufacturers are exploiting test loopholes to exaggerate their vehicles’ green credentials,” as Reuters reports. The bottom line: cars are not as fuel efficient as claimed — they cause a lot more pollution than is typically assumed and advertised. The study was actually performed by […]

February 23rd

Trillions Possible From Green Revolution In EU, Report Finds

  According to Reuters, a report commissioned by Greenpeace finds that the entire exercise of making EU energy entirely free from carbon (through the mission of the green revolution) will enable the EU to reap some sweet economic fruits, the tune of €3 trillion by 2050. But that’s not all. By 2020, it will also […]

November 8th

ExxonMobil Gets Record €3.3-Million Penalty for Not Reporting CO2 from Scottish Plant

  ExxonMobil either slipped up big time recently by not reporting approximately 30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its Scottish Fife Ethylene Plant. As a result, the oil giant has been hit with a record €3.3-million fine (€3,296,600 to be exact). The fine came from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) “An Exxon spokesman told BusinessGreen the under-reported emissions accounted […]

February 20th