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Plane Full Of Anti-Deforestation Activists Crashes In Brazil Due To “Unexplained” Causes, Investigation Underway

While the murder of anti-deforestation activists and environmentalists is nothing new in most parts of the world nowadays, the recent news that a plane carrying members of Brazil’s special environmental protection forces recently crashed due to “unexplained” causes does still stand out. Image by CIFOR (some rights reserved) If nothing else — I’d there was foul-play involved, […]

August 8th

Christian Right to Slay the “Green Dragon” (Environmentalists)

Dr. E. Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance has called together a veritable dream team of the Christian Right to produce a DVD series called “Resisting the Green Dragon.” In it, heavies from Women for America, The Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, etc. etc., say things like “within the environmental movement we are seeing […]

December 8th

OIL: Our National Dog and Pony Show

Step Right Up And Be Amazed It struck me today that our fearless leaders, would-be’s, and corporate giants seem to think we’re all a bunch of rubes gathered outside a carnival sideshow, leaning on the barker’s every word. Urging Congress to lift its ban on offshore oil and gas drilling, our fearless leader, you know, […]

June 18th