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Voluntary Fracking Reporting? Bloomberg: Chemicals Not Reported, Half of All Wells "Obscured"

  In a little-noticed Aug 2012 report, Bloomberg News reported that gas and oil energy companies failed to comply with their own voluntary plan to disclose chemicals in their operations — and, further, failed to report on the very existence of half of their wells. The report analyzed the efficacy of “FracFocus.org” — a voluntary […]

September 19th

Science News Roundup: An Alien World with Two Suns, An Ancient 'In Between' Sea Creature, Visual Memories Made into Video & More! [VIDEOS]

It’s been an amazing month for news from the world of Science and technology — and this in a year full of amazing discoveries…Ahh, what a wondrous time to be alive (if only the economy was doing better, but I digress…) Topics: an extra solar planet with an extra sun, an ancient ‘in-between’ see creature, flying robots that learn how to flock, creating a video from the brain’s visual memories, and, lastly, Wangari Maathai, crusader for environmental justice (and Nobel Prize winner) dies, but her work will live on…

September 28th

Sierra Club Applauds and Echoes EPA on Green Diversity

[social_buttons] EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson called on minorities to be a bigger part of environmentalism in a speech to the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council on Tuesday. Sierra Club showed their appreciation for the EPA’s remarks and highlighted their own commitment to diversity on the same day. “We applaud Administrator Jackson’s call for the environmental […]

July 23rd

EPA Calling for More Diversity in Environmentalism

In another effort to bridge the sustainability gaps in our society today, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson called for more diversity in environmentalism yesterday. Speaking to the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council, she stated clearly that low-income and minority groups are often hit the hardest by environmental problems. “The place where I grew up is like […]

July 22nd