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Only 7,100 Cheetahs Left In The World, Study Finds

There are now only 7,100 cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) left in the world, according to a new study from the Zoological Society of London, Panthera, and the Wildlife Conservation Society. The causes? The same ones as always — habitat loss and fragmentation, the “pet” trade, desertification (often driven by deforestation), and the over hunting of prey […]

January 1st

Black Rhino Sport-Hunting Permitted by US FWS

With the population of the critically endangered black rhino only around 5,000, why did the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service (US FWS) recently issue sport-hunting permits to kill two black rhinos in Namibia? The permits, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each, will allow two wealthy American sport hunters to import their black […]

April 9th

20-25% Of All Well-Known Marine Species Headed Towards Extinction, Research Finds

A significant proportion — 20-25% — of all well-known marine species are headed rapidly towards extinction, new research from the University of Sheffield’s Department of Animal and Plant Sciences has found. The new work — which made use of the most comprehensive conservation data available for both marine and non-marine organisms — demonstrates that marine […]

February 2nd

Extinction Debt, Historical Legacy Of Population Losses More Significant Than Current Population Numbers

Extinction debt is playing a considerably more important role in recent extinctions than conservation practices, or the lack thereof, are, new research from the University of Vienna has found. Most recent extinctions are primarily the result of socio-economic stressors placed on environments in the early to mid 20th century, and the population/genetic diversity losses associated […]

April 16th

Critically Endangered Forest Elephant Populations Decimated During The Last Decade, Approaching Extinction

African forest elephants are fast approaching extinction, primarily as a result of poaching, but also other factors. The species has declined by an incredible 62% in just the last decade. This decline, throughout all of the species range in central Africa, has been largely as a result of the growing trade in ivory. A new […]

March 31st

Condors Are Being Driven To Extinction By Lead Poisoning

  New research from environmental toxicologists at the University of California, Santa Cruz, shows that California condors are exposed to harmful levels of lead regularly. The main source of this being from ingesting lead ammunition. This continual exposure to lead is preventing the condor’s recovery — if it wasn’t for condor recovery programs, this issue […]

June 26th

Increasing Loss of Biodiversity Comparable to Global Warming in Ecosystem Damage It Will Cause

  Loss of biodiversity appears to negatively affect ecosystems as much as climate change, pollution or other major stressors. In some cases, it has reduced overall plant growth by over 10 percent. “Some people have assumed that biodiversity effects are relatively minor compared to other environmental stressors,” said biologist David Hooper of Western Washington University, […]

May 3rd

Rhino Horn = Medicine? NO! (New Campaign to Bust the Myth)

A former fellow writer on EcoWorldly.com (which is now EcoLocalizer), Rhishja Larson is the leading rhino expert I’ve ever run across. She knows rhinos! And, unfortunately, that means she knows more about the current rhino crisis than most.

Now, she and Saving Rhinos LLC have started a new campaign to bring critical rhino information and rhino crisis awareness to more people: Bust the Myth – Save the Species.

June 15th

Russia Helps to Protect Critically Endangered Western Grey Whales (Sort of)

Well, Russia is one key actor threating grey whales with extinction, but it has also taken a step forward in protecting the critically endangered species. “Companies seeking oil extraction rights to a newly available concession off Russia’s Sakhalin Island will not be permitted to conduct activities while Western gray whales are present,” WWF wrote last week.

June 3rd

Green Living, Activism, and Clean Energy Stories of the Day

Some of the top green living, activism, and clean energy stories from the past day or so: Activism Greenpeace Gives Facebook “Unfriend Coal” Deadline Greenpeace has been pushing Facebook to “unfriend coal” and go the route of clean energy for awhile. Facebook, for the most part, hasn’t listened. Greenpeace is now telling Facebook it should […]

February 11th

Last-Minute Gifts (Environmentally Friendly or Environmentally Helpful Gifts)

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t covered Christmas that much yet. Just a post on a few green gift ideas (well, really, it was one idea but options from a few organizations) and a post on Climate Counts’ Striding Shoppers campaign. I have to say, I’ve been avoiding Christmas a little bit this year… largely […]

December 20th

Endangered Sea Turtles Being Burned Alive by BP in BP Oil Spill Clean-up [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Endangered sea turtles are being burned alive in BP oil spill “clean-up” efforts. Bad enough, right? But why are rescue crews hired by BP to save and protect these turtles being blocked from doing so? Is this on purpose in order to burn costly legal evidence? Yes, you read that title correctly, endangered sea turtles […]

June 24th