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Dual Amazon Droughts Alarm Scientists

2005 saw the worst drought in the Amazon rainforest for over a hundred years, and was believed to be just that; a one in a hundred year event. Sadly, only five years later and another drought hit the Amazon rainforest. And scientists now believe that the 2010 drought may have been even more devastating to […]

February 8th

Trade Winds in Tropical Atlantic Have Weakened

With 70% of our planet covered with water, understanding the effect it has on our lives and the world around us is important, but sadly, the necessity for understanding it is also a hindrance in doing so; with so much water, it is difficult to acquire accurate and reliable measurements. Scientists have long attempted to […]

February 8th

Climate Change Will Continue to Year 3000

According to new research published in the latest edition of the journal Nature Geoscience the current impact of CO2 on the atmosphere will have lasting effects for the next thousand years, in the best case scenario. Within the proposed thousand years, the computer simulations created saw climate change patterns reversing in places such as Canada, […]

January 10th

High Speed Trains Pollute Less

Spain is home to the Alta Velocidad Española train service, which operates high speed trains at up to 300 kilometres per hour on dedicated tracks throughout the country. And according to a new study published in the journal Transportation Research Record these AVE trains consume 29 percent less energy than conventional trans per passenger transported, […]

December 15th

Earthquakes Could Hamper Carbon Sequestration

Carbon sequestration is one of a number of proposed solutions to minimizing the ejection of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and thus mitigating the growing climate change and warming currently taking place. However according to Stanford geophysicist Mark Zoback there is a major point being overlooked in the furthering of these proposals. Zoback believes that […]

December 14th

Fires Likely to Unlock Large Storehouses of Carbon

One of the most disastrous results of climate change is the initialization of feedback loops which themselves further the impact of climate change. One of the most potentially dangerous of these are the fires which burn through the dryer parts of our planet. And according to a new study published in the journal Nature Geoscience […]

December 7th

Reality and Need Separated by 5 Gigatonnes

A report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has outlined the “emissions gap” between where nations are currently heading, in terms of their emissions mitigation, and where science says we need to be, by the time we hit 2020. According to the report, nations are capable of delivering almost 60% of the emissions reductions […]

November 24th