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Forest Elephant Populations Have Seen An ~80% Decline In Central Africa’s Most Important Preserve Because Of Poaching

Forest elephant populations in Central Africa’s most important nature preserve, Gabon’s Minkébé National Park, have declined by between 78^ and 81% over recent times as a result of poaching, new research from Duke University has found. So, even in Central Africa’s largest nature preserve, poaching is still enough of a problem that forest elephants are […]

February 22nd

Elephants Spontaneously Understand Concept Of Pointing, Research Finds — Underscoring Great Similarities In Human And Elephant Cognition

Elephants spontaneously understand the concept of pointing, new research has found — greatly underscoring the great observed similarities between elephant and human cognition. Especially when you consider that while the great apes are all known to make use of the gesture when raised in a culture that uses it (such as in human captivity) it […]

October 13th

Whales and Elephants: Are They Instinctively Aware or Predictive of Tsunamis?

  In April, as tsunami warnings hit the Indonesian and Sri Lankan coasts, sea-watching photographer and filmmaker Andrew Sutton of Britain was off the southern tip of Sri Lanka. He and his crew were watching and photographing whales who suddenly and completely vanished. The humans on the boat were not aware of why and were […]

May 15th

Four Ivory Smugglers Arrested with 44 Elephant Tusks in Cameroon

African elephants continue to fall victim to the Chinese demand for ivory, as 44 tusks were reportedly seized near Lobéké National Park in Southeast Cameroon. Four people, including a “businessman” who is believed to have arranged the deal, were arrested after the tusks were found in a truck transporting cocoa. WWF’s project manager in Lobéké, […]

December 18th

Animal Circuses to be Banned in UK after Animal Cruelty Exposed?

Well, here’s some good news out of the UK. As I shared on here recently and have from time to time, circus animals often live quite inhumane lives. Undercover footage (below) of the horrible treatment inflicted upon 59-year-old Asian elephant Anne, part of a UK travelling circus, brought this fact to the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Anne, who has been in captivity for 50 years, was recently kicked or hit hard with a metal pitchfork 48 times over the course of 3 and a half weeks a recent undercover investigation by Animal Defenders International found (and filmed). Northamptonshire police and the RSPCA subsequently investigated the situation as a result of this video. (Note that she is repeatedly beat in here back right knee — she has arthritis.)

April 6th

African Elephant Two Separate Species

Scientists have divided elephants into two distinct species: the African and Asian elephant. But, for nearly a decade, suspicions have persisted that the forest and savannah elephant are two separate species, and not two populations of a single species of African elephant. New research has confirmed those suspicions. Planet Ark reported this week on a […]

December 23rd

Rock Quarry Could Permanently Transform Elephant Migration

A new road is needed in the Kenyan Osupuku Conservancy. And strong stone is needed for the road. A Chinese corporation, Sinohydro, owns a rock quarry, which offers the best stones to build a strong road; a road which wouldn’t need repairs for a long time. However, the rock quarry poses a threat to the aboriginal wildlife of the region.

July 7th

Dumbo Behind Bars: Elephant-Sized Controversy Arises Over Captive Elephants

For years and years parents have taken their children to zoos to see exotic animals, animals that they don’t get to see everyday. They want to see lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! High on the the list of animals to be seen are elephants, nature’s gentle giants. These cute, (hardly) cuddly animals are the largest of the land mammals. But all of that could change. Elephants could be removed from zoos forever if In Defense of Animals (IDA) and a handful of scientists and activists get their way.

June 23rd

Bollywood Beauty Celina Jaitley Poses for PETA Elephant Ads

Shackled, Beaten, Abused is the tagline of a new PETA ad designed to raise awareness about the mistreatment of captive elephants. It features Celina Jaitley, who is a popular actress in India. Last year she also participated in an elephant conservation fundraiser in Switzerland that raised one million francs.

February 14th

South Africa Could Soon Allow Controlled Elephant Hunts

Once severely endangered, elephants in South Africa now thrive, causing some to worry that their population could threaten smaller species. While some are calling to reinstate culling of elephants for the first time since 1994, other conservationists worry that the effects of killing elephants run deeper than we understand.[social_buttons] In 1900, the elephant population sunk […]

November 15th

USDA Rescues Abused Elephant From Circus Trainer

The USDA has confiscated Ned, a severely underweight male elephant from circus trainer Lance Ramos, aka Lancelot Kollman. Only the second elephant to have been confiscated by the USDA, Ned was taken from Ramos for failure to comply with the Animal Welfare Act and was placed with The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

November 13th

Garbage Dump in Africa Brings Death to Elephants

A number of elephants have died after eating plastic from a garbage dump in Chobe National Park in Botswana.  The Chobe District Council says it has no choice but to continue dumping trash at the site. Elephants, hyenas, baboons and birds all gather at the dumping site in Chobe to feed. Just this year, three […]

November 3rd

Fearful Elephants Would Sooner Starve Than Cross Roads

New research by the Wildlife Conservation Society and Save the Elephants has found that African Elephants are quickly becoming trapped by new road construction cutting through their forest habitats. The study, which appeared in today’s issue of Public Library of Science, says the elephants have adopted a “siege mentality” and literally cannot bring themselves to […]

October 28th