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Reminders of Death Motivate Concern for Environmental Legacy – New Study Reveals

Researchers from three university business schools recently conducted a pair of ‘death priming’ experiments in which participants were tasked with making decisions about what to do with lottery winnings, and, how to allocate a new-found energy source. Those participants who received the death primes (i.e., subtle reminders of mortality) consistently gave more to “future others” when […]

July 12th

Fracking Update: Two Investigations Give 'OK' to Controversial Drilling Process, But Doubts Remain

  Two Separate Investigations: UPDATED [April 2, 2012; see below] A  major review of hydraulic fracturing studies, completed last month by UT researchers, found “no direct evidence” that the natural gas drilling process known as ‘fracking’ contaminates groundwater. A second investigation by the EPA of sites in Dimock, Penn., initial results of which were released […]

March 30th

Canadian Arctic Barrier Islands from Space

The Advanced Land Imager on NASA’s Earth Observing-1 satellite captured this image of a barrier island facing the Beaufort Sea, on the northern edge of Canada’s Northwest Territories on June 23, 2004, before the ice had melted or retreated during the summer thaw.

June 17th

Barrier Islands Exist Pretty Much Everywhere

A new and more comprehensive survey conducted by researchers from Duke University and Meredith College have increased the number of known barrier islands by 657, from 1,492 identified in a 2001 survey to 2,149, identified in the most recent study with the aid of publically available satellite imagery.

April 21st