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Climate/Environmental/Animal Activism & Green Living Link Drop

Top climate, environmental, and animal activism stories from around, in my opinion: Industry Group Portrays West Virginia Pro-Coal Rally As a ‘Call to Arms’ There was plenty of early industry backlash to EPA’s historic decision last week to veto the permit for Arch Coal’s planned mega-mine in Appalachia, as I wrote about last week. More recently, […]

January 24th

HSUS Reconsiders Condemning Dogs Seized From Fighting Rings

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has issued an interim policy regarding dogs victimized by dog fighting. The policy recommends that dogs be evaluated on an individual basis rather than being condemned to euthanization as a group. The HSUS was widely criticized in recent weeks for supporting a court ruling that ordered 145 […]

February 24th

Is This Some Sick Sport? Video Shows Dogs Attacking Captive Wolf in Turkey

[youtube=] Warning: Video contains disturbing content. This video is very hard to make out (and all online Turkish-to-English translations don’t yield much more insight), but this appears as if a small town in Turkey gathered together to encourage their dogs to attack and kill a captive wolf. Please comment if you have any idea what […]

February 19th

Michael Vick Scores 73.5% on PETA's Animal Empathy Test

At first, when PETA offered Michael Vick a chance to star in a PSA against dog fighting, he jumped at the opportunity, probably hoping it would help clear his name. [social_buttons] But now, PETA is having second thoughts — saying they want him to take psychological tests and receive an MRI to show he’s physically […]

January 26th