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"Clean Gas" More Dangerous Than Coal, Industry Expert Tells TV

US “clean gas” wells in operation (Irekia-Eusko Jaurlaritza in Turns out that just about everyone (including President Obama) has been hugely underestimating the methane pollution levels of so-called “clean gas.” The booming American economy now seems to come at a greater cost than we originally thought when we found out that natural gas produces […]

May 22nd

David Koch, Tea Party Billionaire, Denies Climate Change, Shrugs Off His Carbon Footprint [VIDEO]

In the second part of a 3-part series on David Koch based on an interview with him, Lee Fang of ThinkProgress discusses Koch’s opinions on climate change and his “shrug” regarding his own carbon pollution. Here’s more: This week, ThinkProgress conducted an impromptu interview with David Koch — one of the richest men in America, co-owner […]

January 12th

Global Weirding News of the Week

Other than what we’ve already covered, of course, here’s our weekly global weirding news link drop. A little more than normal given our extensive coverage of the mass bird and fish deaths that are occurring right now (and, thus, our inability to get to other important news). Coal prices soar as warmest sea surface temperatures […]

January 7th