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Air Conditioning Energy Saving Tips

Keeping your home or office cool during the hot months of the year can go a long way toward having happier and healthier occupants. But it can also be a huge expense, both to your pocketbook and to the environment, due to the eco-footprint of the energy required for air conditioning, as well as the […]

October 20th

A Message About Your Water Bottle

Aquafina, Dasani, and Poland Spring are names on the water bottle that have come to evoke images of pristine waterfalls, swift cool streams, and shimmering, unspoiled mountain lakes. As well they should. These three carefully selected names are among the largest selling brands of bottled water in the United States. They play a vital role […]

October 26th

Sudden Ocean Cooling Halted Global Warming

The mid-twentieth century saw the progressing warming of the globe come to an abrupt and for a time inexplicable hiatus. According to new research this temporary cooling was at least partially the result of a sudden cooling event centred over the North Atlantic between 1968 and 1972. “We knew that the Northern Hemisphere oceans cooled […]

September 27th

Homes Doubling as Laboratories

Four East Tennessee homes will be showing researchers how scientific research can help minimize the cost of heating and cooling our homes. The four homes were built over two years, the first ZEBRAlliance project, in public-private partnership with the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Schaad Companies, and will start their life as […]

September 21st