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Australian Energy Minister No Longer A Climate Skeptic, Embarrassed By Former Statements

Reposted from RenewEconomy: Australia’s newly appointed Minister for Energy and Resources, Gary Gray, admitted he was once a fierce climate sceptic, but now says he is embarrassed by his former position on climate science. Asked on ABC TV’s Lateline program, Gray admitted that he had once branded climate science as a middle class conspiracy, as […]

March 27th

Climate Skeptic (& Republican) Who Learned the Facts..

I know how frustrating and disheartening it can be discussing climate science and politics with a so-called climate skeptics. I get comments from them on Planetsave daily (although, my guess is a lot of them aren’t actually human). Furthermore, though, I’ve got a good friend who is one. He’s caught up on conspiracy theory communities that spout climate change misinformation as some of their conspiracy theories (and don’t get me wrong, I believe a number of conspiracy theories, but the idea that thousands of climate scientists around the world are tricking the public for money or to create a “one world government” is not one of them).

Anyway, when I ran across this article on a climate skeptic who came around after actually researching the topic, it gave me a bit of hope for humanity and even some of the most die-hard climate skeptics.

May 11th

Global Warming Cartoon, Glimpse of the Future

Here’s a great cartoon from Matt Bors of The Free Press. Funny, but also sad. h/t Climate Progress Related Cartoons: Fox News Serving Up Climate Skepticism Earth is an Oil-Coal-holic The Republican Triple Threat Global Warming — What If It’s a Big Hoax Here Comes Trouble Related Stories: Snow Will Fall Despite Climate Change Why […]

February 28th

Science Under Attack [VIDEOS] BBC had created a pretty great feature recently, Science Under Attack. “Nobel Prize winner Sir Paul Nurse examines why science appears to be under attack, and why public trust in key scientific theories has been eroded,” the YouTube page for the first video above says. Sir Paul Nurse, head of the Royal Society, a […]

February 4th

2010 Climate B.S. of the Year Award

Some of the top climate change bloggers and scientists recently put together an article on climate change BS in 2010 and gave out awards. Check out the article and awards below. And let us know, how do you think they did? Any suggestions? (I know, I’m a little  late sharing this — buried it somewhere […]

January 4th