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Ignorance and Political Blinders Shift American Support for Climate Change Action

  A new Stanford-led survey has found that American support for governmental action to address global warming has dropped over the past two years, primarily amongst those who identify themselves as Republicans. A significant downward shift According to the report, political rhetoric and the fact that 2011 was tied for the coolest year on record […]

May 8th

NO. Global Warming, Climate Scientists NOT in Tatters after New Study.

I saw news of a ridiculous sort this morning when scanning the headlines. The whole mountain of science concluding that climate change was happening and was a great concern for humanity got a hole blown through it due to findings from a new study. Of course, this is far, far, far, far from the case. But, unfortunately, due to an all-too-commonly copied trail of disinformation, thousands upon thousands of people probably think so now. It is a disgrace that this sort of thing can happen in a supposedly “advanced” society. First off, the trail:

July 29th

13 More Green Stories of the Week: China's Amazing Bike Sharing System & Bad Environment; Fracking, Fracking, & Fracking; Climate Change Deniers Unravelled…

Other than the 50+ stories we covered in the past week, here are 15 more green stories I thought were worth a share:

June 4th

Prominent Former Global Warming Skeptic & Conservative Tackles GOP's "rejection of proven science"

Anyone with a moral conscience who digs into climate science at all (not snake science from global warming denier websites, but real climate science), will find that humans are causing global warming, the effects of global warming are serious, and we should be doing something NOW to address the issue.

I’ve been covering stories on a number of “climate science skeptics” and conservatives who, after delving into the science for real, found that the evidence for the above was overwhelming and “changed sides” (starting working to address climate change not hide from it).

Here’s a bit from a piece by another former global warming skeptic, former Republican Party officer and author Michael Stafford….

June 2nd

'Temperature Leads Carbon' Climate Denial Crock {VIDEO}

From our favorite climate denial de-crocker on the web, here’s another great video from him (recently updated). As he summarizes on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:

“For a lot of climate deniers, this is their penultimate argument, the master climate crock. They think it’s the stroke to end all arguments.  It’s only the most outrageous and dishonest cherry pick of all time.”

May 22nd