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Effects of Global Warming on Humans – From 2015 IPCC SYR Data

Not only posing significant risks for Earth’s natural systems, the effects of global warming on humans and human systems have only recently begun receiving the expanded attention they critically require. From hazardous effects causing potential loss of life, injury, or other negative health impacts, to the potential exposure of social, economic, and infrastructure assets to […]

June 30th

The Idea of Nature in Revolt — Revisiting Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’

A shocking number of bird species are becoming endangered and/or going extinct all over the world. Next to amphibians, our feathered friends — often viewed as agricultural “pests” — are perhaps suffering most from an existential triple threat: climate change impacts, land use changes, and habitat destruction (all inter-related impacts), though some, such as red-winged […]

July 15th

World's Coffee Supply 'Threatened', Warns Java Giant

Chances are, despite your cherished addiction to th ebrown brew, the thought of a drastic reduction in the world’s coffee supply is not on your ‘deep concern radar’…but it is to Coffee retail giant Starbucks, whose concern for its global supply chain — sourced most in Central America — has always been of deep (and obvious) concern. Though predicted critical shortages are a decade or more off, already coffee farmers are finding increasing, negative climate impacts on their crop yields.

October 17th