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OCO-2 Set To Outfox Climate Change Denial

OCO-2 is only a little thing, about 6 ft long, 3 ft in diameter, and less than half a ton in weight (NASA/JPL-Caltech, artist’s conception).  It will be harder to deny the existence of climate change now that NASA has successfully launched Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2.  A United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket from Vandenberg Air […]

July 3rd

Caution: Now Entering The "Years Of Living Dangerously"

Last week something rare and extraordinarily positive occurred on American television. Fortunately, through YouTube and, the rest of the world got to see it too. “Something positive?” a critic questions. “If climate change is as bad as you tree-hugger people claim it is, how can anything about it be positive?” The phenomenon tends to […]

April 20th

Is a Mini Ice Age Coming? NO! (VIDEO)

Peter Sinclair has a new “Climate Denial Crock of the Week” video up. It’s another great one, of course. It’s on the crock that we have a mini ice age coming, something only the most extreme climate science deniers and media outlets (ahem, FOX News) seem to find intelligent to claim. Here’s the video: Here’s […]

January 6th

Republican Presidential Candidates Win Climate B.S. of the Year Award

  Climate scientists and communicators got together to come up with a list of 2011’s biggest climate B.S.-spewers recently. B.S. standing for Bad Science, of course. Here’s the full list, via Climate Progress: by Peter Gleick The Earth’s climate continued to change during 2011 – a year in which unprecedented combinations of extreme weather events […]

January 5th