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Climate Activist Tim DeChristopher Appears On David Letterman

Last week, climate activist Tim DeChristopher received a warm welcome on the David Letterman Show. The 12-minute interview with Dave was productive and seemed to give the host a little insight into climate activism. DeChristopher had a chance to discuss climate activism, the upcoming documentary Bidder 70, and the events leading up to DeChristopher’s imprisonment. During the interview, […]

July 2nd

Maldives President "Not Impressed" with US Climate Activism

  As he and all of us rightfully shouldn’t be…. Waging Nonviolence recently conducted a wonderful interview with climate superstar Mohamed Nasheed, former president of Maldives. Here are some striking words (refreshingly but also depressingly pointed) from the interview: What do you think of the American environmental movement? I’m very disappointed by the slow pace […]

July 8th

What’s Our Long-Term Forecast? Why TV Meteorologists are Uniquely Qualified to Impact the Way America Thinks about Climate Change

  I recently had the pleasure of attending a panel discussion on Climate Change here in Chicago which featured WGN’s popular Chief Meteorologist, Tom Skilling, and University of Illinois Atmospheric Science Professor Don Wuebbles. Dr. Wuebbles is a heavyweight in the field. He has a seemingly endless CV, which includes being the lead author on […]

June 11th

Blown 5 (VIDEO)

  I recently received a note on our site from a Paul Wex about a song and video related to climate activism that he created. It’s quite a beautiful combo, imho, so here it is: On the Vimeo page, he wrote: “There is no doubt that nature will be stronger than us, sooner or later. […]

March 19th

Climate Ride 2012, Join In!

  One of my favorite activism events: tons of people get together to ride their bicycles along the East or West coast to raise awareness about climate change, raise awareness about one of its best solutions — bicycling, and raise money for organizations promoting global warming and environmental action, especially bicycling. The event, if you’re […]

March 9th

Native American Youth Sues Governor Janice Brewer Over Failure to Combat Climate Change

  Anyone who has looked into the matter honestly knows that global warming and climate change severely threaten young generations. As reported a few times previously, some members of that young generation are pushing for action now, through legal action. One such story is of an 11-year old Navajo named Jaime Lynn Butler. On May 4, […]

February 23rd

Activism News

Here’s some top activism news of the week, other than the stories we’ve already covered (which you can check out via the link above): Climate Activists Call Foul at Rep. Boehner’s Office over Keystone Pipeline and Campaign Cash from Big Oil Climate activists fed up with the influence of corporate money on Congress stormed Speaker […]

January 27th