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How Does The Republican Party Claim The “Christian” Label? (Total Hypocrisy)

It’s rather crazy to me — the Republican Party is supposedly the “Christian” party and has the long-standing support of Bible-reading Christians in rural areas and Evangelicals. Somehow, a few loud-mouthed Christians and political propagandists have pulled on the strings of religious channels in order to get the public to put the Republican Party in the “Christian” bucket. […]

May 24th

Christian Right to Slay the “Green Dragon” (Environmentalists)

Dr. E. Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance has called together a veritable dream team of the Christian Right to produce a DVD series called “Resisting the Green Dragon.” In it, heavies from Women for America, The Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, etc. etc., say things like “within the environmental movement we are seeing […]

December 8th