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Billions Of Animals Die Because Of Cats

A new research study has found that pet, stray, and feral cats are killing a tremendous number of wild animals. While this news is likely to upset many cat owners and cat lovers, the study’s conclusions should not be ignored. (If and how they become translated into public policy is another question.) The research was […]

February 3rd

Animal Love (Picture)

  Here’s another fun and cute animal quickie for Easter — an adorable picture of a loving cat and deer. Image source unknown (retrieved from Facebook).

April 8th

Cat Fights Hairdryer

  This is another too-cute-not-to-share video. I’ve always had a bit of fun with the strong air stream of a hairdryer, but not as much fun as this cat seems to be having. Cats are funny creatures, aren’t they? But, it turns out, this cat hasn’t lost its mind; it’s just blind. From the owner: […]

January 13th

Cat Meets Balloon Cat (Funny Video)

A friend of mine shared this video with me after checking out a few of the funny animal videos we’ve posted here on Planetsave. This one had me laughing out loud (the first and second times I watched it). Too funny. Poor fake cat….

September 5th

Cat Summoned for Jury Duty, Not Excused

In what is perhaps the most absurd illustration of the inflexibility of bureaucracy, or, perhaps a most curious example of anthropomorphism… Exhibit A: a domestic, short-haired feline, named Sal Esposito, received a summons to report for jury duty earlier this month. Long-time Boston, Massachusetts residents Anna and Guy Esposito believe that this mix-up stems from […]

January 20th