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Plane Full Of Anti-Deforestation Activists Crashes In Brazil Due To “Unexplained” Causes, Investigation Underway

While the murder of anti-deforestation activists and environmentalists is nothing new in most parts of the world nowadays, the recent news that a plane carrying members of Brazil’s special environmental protection forces recently crashed due to “unexplained” causes does still stand out. Image by CIFOR (some rights reserved) If nothing else — I’d there was foul-play involved, […]

August 8th

Amazon Deforestation Hits Record Low

Brazil achieves record low in Amazon deforestation, and dishes it to the less effective developed world. The Brazilian government announced yesterday that deforestation rates in the Amazon has hit a record low. Of course, I imagine they were waiting for the Cancun climate conference to release this information, but it is uplifting and important nonetheless. […]

December 2nd