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Plane Full Of Anti-Deforestation Activists Crashes In Brazil Due To “Unexplained” Causes, Investigation Underway

While the murder of anti-deforestation activists and environmentalists is nothing new in most parts of the world nowadays, the recent news that a plane carrying members of Brazil’s special environmental protection forces recently crashed due to “unexplained” causes does still stand out. Image by CIFOR (some rights reserved) If nothing else — I’d there was foul-play involved, […]

August 8th

Take Three Minutes To Climate Watch This Weekend

It’s still Climate Week, though the marches and summit conference are over. If you’d like to spend some time doing a brief climate watch this weekend, here are a few suggestions. These short takes are the result of surveying over 500 free and publicly available videos. Each takes around three minutes or less to watch. […]

September 26th

Voices of Truth: Indigenous Activists from Canada Protest Tar Sands Oil at Durban Climate Change Summit

This video from Amy Goodman and Democracy Now cuts to the chase. The horror of this environmental disease known as tar sands ‘development’ is succinctly explained by young and indigenous activists. Tar sands development will push our planet of global warming and climate change tipping point, which is why hundreds of activists in Durban, South Africa (where […]

December 9th

More Activism News: Masked Anti-Nuclear Activists, Occupy in El Salvador, Sea Shepherd,..

Some top activism news from the past week or so: 1. Masked Activists in Germany Sop Transport of Nuclear Waste As the title indicates, some activists in Germany are fed up with the creating and unsafe transport and storage of nuclear waste (well, no one even knows where to ‘permanently’ store the nuclear waste). So, […]

November 28th

Tim DeChristopher Appealing Prison Sentence

  How would you like to be spending your Thanksgiving in a federal prison? And how would you like to be doing so for trying to help the world and for trying to stop some illegal destruction of treasured wild lands? If you aren’t yet aware, that’s the predicament of Tim DeChristopher. And it is […]

November 24th

Flashmob for Sao Paulo Mobility Plan

  by Juliana Russar Tired of the poor quality of public transportation in São Paulo, 350 partners and participants of the World Car Free Day movement organized a flashmob in the subway for the immediate release of R$ 15 million that has been provided to the Secretary of Transportation in the 2011 budget to make […]

November 24th

10 More Big Activism Stories

Some top activism stories from the past week or so that I haven’t been able to get to but deserve a big share: Two Finland animal activists who were being prosecuted for undercover investigations of factory farms have been found not guilty on almost all charges. Good news! A climate justice youth caravan of approximately 200 […]

November 21st

Oil Orgy Activists Crash UK-Canada Energy Summit

UK activists have shown us yet again that they totally rock, or UK security sucks,.. (or both).

These activists in the video below interrupted the UK-Canada Energy Summit in London, which was apparently without security guards (at least, in this meeting), and gave their noble perspective on the recklessness of the oil industry and its politicians while having a little oil orgy. Here’s the video and then the full story from the activists’ vimeo page below that:

October 12th