War & Conflict

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Sea Shepherd Bomb Threat Phoned in By Drunk Fisherman

A while back we posted about a bomb threat against the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s ship, the Steve Irwin. Well, the mystery has been solved: a drunk fisherman called in the threat on his cell phone from his ship across the harbor. [social_buttons] Kenneth James Archer admitted to calling in the threat because of a […]

March 27th

Police Warn Sea Shepherd Crew of Potential Bomb Threat

The five Sea Shepherd crew members on board the Steve Irwin found Tasmanian police back at their ship a few weeks after they had confiscated all their video material from the latest campaign. But this time, the police arrived to protect the crew. [social_buttons] “Someone called in a bomb threat about 20 minutes ago, stating […]

March 3rd

80% of Wars Occur in World's Most Biologically Rich Areas

Over 80% of conflicts from 1950 to 2000 happened in some of the planet’s most biologically diverse regions, a new study has concluded. [social_buttons] The research, titled “Warfare in Biodiversity Hotspots” and published in the new issue of Conservation Biology, used environmental group Conservation International’s data to compare the earth’s battle zones to 34 “biodiversity […]

February 20th

Elephants Slaughtered to Feed Soldiers in Zimbabwe

Faced with skyrocketing inflation, a tanking economy, and incredible political instability, the government of Zimbabwe is turning to elephant meat in a desperate attempt to feed hungry soldiers. A senior officer in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces told ZimOnline that Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority struck a deal resulting in the slaughter of elephants to […]

January 10th

Chevron Acquitted in Nigerian Human Rights Case, Appeal Expected

A federal jury ruled yesterday that Chevron had done nothing wrong a decade ago when it called the Nigerian military to control protesters who had taken control of an oil platform, demanding better treatment and jobs. [social_buttons] In the end, the military killed two protesters. Accounts of the incident vary drastically: Chevron says the protesters […]

December 2nd

Fungi Locks Away Dangerous Depleted Uranium

That fungus among us may be the answer to uranium-polluted soils eventually being brought back into use. Researchers at Dundee Unversity in the UK have determined that fungi can block uranium from finding its way into plants, animals or the water supply. Scientists have found that what they call free-living and plant fungi can, “colonise […]

May 6th

War … Not Healthy for Gaia

The Vietnam-era poster that said, “War is not healthy for children and other living things,” had it right. Modern warfare can wreak environmental havoc like never before, according to the upcoming issue of World Watch magazine. In the January/February 2008 issue, author Sarah DeWeerdt explores the unprecedented levels of environmental destruction caused by recent conflicts […]

December 14th

Hunger is a Perspective

By Anthony J. Gerst The war-torn and ravaged nation of the Democratic Republic of Congo is a rather confusing issue. A rapid-fired crash course on the subject brings up some interesting facts, however. This nation has basically been at war since 1998, and the result has been an estimated 3.5 million deaths. There are more […]

Links on Parade: Plastic bags in Africa, more Mountaintop Removal, 87% of Americans are “seriously concerned” about the environment, and yeah- global warming is still on

I links, you links, we all links, for my links. Enjoy! • Africa wages war on scourge of plastic bags • Crab fishing in the North Sea is a dangerous profession • Bush thinks the main lesson to be learned from the Vietnam War was that we withdrew too early • Dirty Coal Boss gets […]

August 23rd

George W. Bush is a Jerk of a Bully

I am so ashamed of our moronic, mean spirited, dumbass President. At a recent press conference at Camp David, Bush channeled his inner 9 year old and ripped on the BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson for being bald. Later on, Bush poked fun at the bare-pate of Robinson, joking, “You’d better cover up your bald […]

August 3rd