War & Conflict

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Tyranny Enabled Through Identification, Not Passive Conformity, New Analysis Shows

The idea that atrocities result from “unblinking obedience” to authority has become so ingrained in our social consciousness that we rarely ever question it. Indeed, more recently, popular culture has adopted the phrase “Resistance is futile” – taken from Star Trek TNG‘s ‘borg’ entity mantra — to encapsulate, even enshrine, our belief in how all-consuming […]

November 23rd

Obama Wins Election, Full Victory Speech (Video & Text)

  I imagine you aren’t just hearing from me that Obama won the election, but if you are, I’m happy to be the one bringing you the news!! 😀 If you’d like to read or watch Obama’s full victory speech, here it is in text (courtesy Red, Green, and Blue) and video (courtesy C-SPAN): “Thank […]

November 7th

Obama Facts: 12 Facts About Obama's Record

  The Obama campaign just passed along the 12 facts below about Obama. As someone who follows politics quite closely, I think it was a good list to put together. As just noted, there are numerous other cleantech, climate, and other environmental topics Obama has scored big points on, but if you have a ‘broader’ […]

November 5th

Presidential Debate Live Coverage

  Want to follow some live coverage of the third and last presidential debate of this election season? We’ve got some live fact-checking for you right here courtesy of sister site Red, Green, and Blue: Live fact-checking the Foreign Policy Debate! (via Red Green & Blue) Tonight’s the night… the final debate, with Barack Obama […]

October 22nd

Guns: The Cartoon

A rare cartoon that does not cover an environmental topic. However, my concern with gun control and safety runs parallel with my environmental concerns. Simply, other people should not be making huge decisions that grow their bottom line while putting the masses at risk. Like the many agri-chemical, coal, oil, and major polluting corporations I […]

October 11th

What Would You Do with $1,738 Billion?

  Is there any violence that is not senseless? Last week’s massacre brought to the surface — as senseless violence will — the ongoing discussion on gun control. Another tragic massacre occurred and the fact that easy availability of guns played into this is unquestionable, it is unarguable. Only a few days past the shooting […]

July 25th

A Spring that Can't Wait

  As the corruption in our system continues unabated and the interminable Republican primary season continues its buffoonery of ‘solutions’ for our failing state, there is some highly unusual behavior taking place independent of either. It’s the behavior of the weather for most of the country, an unprecedented string of warm days even before Spring […]

March 23rd

US Landmine Policy: We Don't Have a Leg to Stand On

The United States remains one of the few countries in the world which has still not signed the 1997 Landmine Ban Treaty. The Obama administration initiated a review of its landmine policy in late 2009. Since then, Obama has received letters urging the U.S. to sign the treaty from 68 Senators, nearly 100 leaders of […]

March 20th

Norway's Nonviolent Example, A Happy Note in Conflict Struggles

  Human Potential For Peace Pursuing economic justice with nonviolent protest is not new, not an invention of the present Occupy movement. It has been around probably as long as economic injustice has been around. One relatively recent example is that it effectively produced change in the 1930s for Northern Europeans who were starving. George […]

March 16th

Kony & Invisible Children

  UPDATES: There’s been a lot of criticism about “Invisible Children” in the past few days. This “Visible Children” blog is focused, thoughtfully, on that. Boing Boing has a nice roundup of some of the criticisms. The AP also has what I would consider a good piece on the topic, one that “presents both sides” […]

March 10th

The Drums of War: Iran Edition

  We Americans are not the best at history. Because of the spin of corporate-controlled media, we are not reminded of the consistent pattern of deception exhibited by our government when the ‘power behind the wheel’ wants a new conflict. Nor are we reminded of the tremendous profitability of war for the corporations who count […]

March 8th

Occupy: New Wine and Old Skins

There is a famous biblical parable where Jesus speaks of his new way of thinking as something that cannot be contained in the existing Jewish culture. The idea is that if you put new wine into a used skin, the skin will burst as the new wine ferments, having already been stretched once from its […]

February 10th