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Limited Nuclear War Could Halt Global Warming, Short Term, NASA Predicts

The scientists used a general circulation model known as ModelE (developed at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York). The model calculates ocean-atmosphere coupling effects in addition to allowing varying aerosol inputs.

The initial input for the simulation was 5 teragrams (megatons) of black carbon particles injected into Earth’s upper troposphere. This is the estimated result of the surface detonation of 100 Hiroshima-size bombs (each equivalent to 15K tons of TNT).

March 2nd

Global Warming and Environmental Politics News of the Week

Here’s some of the biggest global warming and environmental politics news and commentary from the last week or so, along with some fun cartoons. Rocket Fuel in Our Water? The inspiration for the cartoon above, among other things: information that there is rocket fuel (or a component of it) in water supplies across the U.S. […]

February 6th

Global Weirding News of the Week

Since we had plenty of news last Friday and I was heading out of town, I decided to leave our weekly roundup of global weirding and environmental news (that we didn’t already cover) to Monday. Here’s the global weirding portion. Climate: Student Reporters Take on Climate Change and Security Coincidences abound—just after posting an item […]

January 17th

Environmental & Wildlife News of the Week

Since we had plenty of news last Friday and I was heading out of town, I decided to leave our weekly roundup of global weirding and environmental/wildlife news (that we didn’t already cover) to Monday. Here’s the environmental/wildlife portion. Tainted Water Still a Concern in Pennsylvania Gas Drilling in 2011 I have written before about […]

January 17th

Loony “CIA Vet” Kent Clizbe Trying to Get Dirt on Dr Michael Mann, Saying Colleagues Could Get Millions for Helping

Wow, here’s a story. Think it’s not enough that the fossil fuel (oil & coal) industry has launched a massive global warming disinformation campaign and the mass media have clung to it (since it’s controversial and will thus get attention.. or just because they don’t know any better or are actually funded by the fossil fuel […]

January 13th

Giffords Shooting: Environmentalists in Crosshairs

(Crossposted from Red Green And Blue) The Tea Partiers said “If ballots don’t work, bullets will.” Today, Arizona Democrat Gabrielle Giffords was cut down by a gunman at a “Congress On Your Corner” event at a Tuscon Safeway. Federal Judge John Roll was killed in the same incident, along with a 9-year-old girl. Giffords is […]

January 8th

World’s Biggest Looming Problem a Food Crisis?

A recent article in NZ Herald News discusses the looming food crisis and how it might become the world’s biggest problem in the decades to come.  “If the world doesn’t act now, it faces a catastrophic global food shortage by mid-century,” Greg Ansley writes. Ansely cites numerous recent studies concerning the degradation of our oceans […]

December 9th

Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) Wins Big Award

The Aristotle Onassis Public Benefit Foundation announced on Friday that Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) was awarded its inaugural “Prize for the Protection of the Environment.” Along with the honor of winning this prize, the organization will receive €250,000 ($351,675) to continue its work in this region. FoEME has been putting in considerable work and […]

November 8th

Bikini Atoll, Nuke Test Area, Listed as 'World Heritage' Site

From 1946 to 1958, the Bikini Atoll–a Micronesian, volcanic island group in the Pacific Ocean (part of the Marshall Islands)–was “home” to twenty three, U.S.-conducted, nuclear detonations, including the first true Hydrogen bomb test, in 1954. This latter detonation produced an explosion far more powerful than originally predicted and caused wide-spread contamination from radioactive fallout.

August 2nd

The Emerging Politics of Food Scarcity

Lester R. Brown A dangerous geopolitics of food scarcity is emerging in which individual countries, acting in their narrowly defined self-interest, reinforce the trends causing global food security to deteriorate. This began in late 2007 when wheat-exporting countries, like Russia and Argentina, attempted to counter domestic food price rises by limiting or banning exports. Viet […]

Latest Green News [screencast]

Here’s our latest screencast on some of the latest green news articles from around the web. Following up on our first screencast of green news stories from around the internet, here are the 10 more green news stories that we thought should be shared (links to the individual stories mentioned in the screencast are below […]

July 7th

Environmental Impact of Toronto's G8 and G20 Protests

Toronto hosts G20 and violent protests create serious environmental costs, in addition to the hefty monetary bill that can be attributed to the hosting of delegates from 20 countries. It might not be receiving the same level of international coverage, but in Canada, we have all been sitting glued to TV screens as protests devastate […]

Jackpot of Minerals Discovered in Afghanistan Good for Afghanistan?

Nearly $1 trillion in minerals were reportedly just “discovered” in Afghanistan. Will this huge discovery actually benefit the unstable country, though? [social_buttons] The NYTimes recently reported that the US just “discovered nearly $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan, far beyond any previously known reserves and enough to fundamentally alter the Afghan economy and […]

June 25th

Longest War in US History

The war in Afghanistan became the longest war in US history this month. Do your part to stop it now. [social_buttons] Generally, we focus on environmental news and action here on Planetsave, but big activism news and opportunities of other sorts is also within our realm of interest and coverage. If you haven’t heard, the […]

June 15th

Sea Shepherd Bomb Threat Phoned in By Drunk Fisherman

A while back we posted about a bomb threat against the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s ship, the Steve Irwin. Well, the mystery has been solved: a drunk fisherman called in the threat on his cell phone from his ship across the harbor. [social_buttons] Kenneth James Archer admitted to calling in the threat because of a […]

March 27th

Police Warn Sea Shepherd Crew of Potential Bomb Threat

The five Sea Shepherd crew members on board the Steve Irwin found Tasmanian police back at their ship a few weeks after they had confiscated all their video material from the latest campaign. But this time, the police arrived to protect the crew. [social_buttons] “Someone called in a bomb threat about 20 minutes ago, stating […]

March 3rd

80% of Wars Occur in World's Most Biologically Rich Areas

Over 80% of conflicts from 1950 to 2000 happened in some of the planet’s most biologically diverse regions, a new study has concluded. [social_buttons] The research, titled “Warfare in Biodiversity Hotspots” and published in the new issue of Conservation Biology, used environmental group Conservation International’s data to compare the earth’s battle zones to 34 “biodiversity […]

February 20th

Elephants Slaughtered to Feed Soldiers in Zimbabwe

Faced with skyrocketing inflation, a tanking economy, and incredible political instability, the government of Zimbabwe is turning to elephant meat in a desperate attempt to feed hungry soldiers. A senior officer in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces told ZimOnline that Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority struck a deal resulting in the slaughter of elephants to […]

January 10th

Chevron Acquitted in Nigerian Human Rights Case, Appeal Expected

A federal jury ruled yesterday that Chevron had done nothing wrong a decade ago when it called the Nigerian military to control protesters who had taken control of an oil platform, demanding better treatment and jobs. [social_buttons] In the end, the military killed two protesters. Accounts of the incident vary drastically: Chevron says the protesters […]

December 2nd

Fungi Locks Away Dangerous Depleted Uranium

That fungus among us may be the answer to uranium-polluted soils eventually being brought back into use. Researchers at Dundee Unversity in the UK have determined that fungi can block uranium from finding its way into plants, animals or the water supply. Scientists have found that what they call free-living and plant fungi can, “colonise […]

May 6th