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Freedom for some.

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April 24th

Geo-Engineers Without Orders – Lack of Rules Could Mean More Rogue Experimenters

  Last July, American businessman and “rogue geoengineer” Russ George undertook an ambitious iron-fertilization experiment in the waters off the western coast of Canada. The officially-unapproved-but-not-technically-illegal experiment in geoengineering sought to trigger a massive bloom of CO2-loving plankton (which it did) and which would in turn buttress the local food chain and (consequently) the declining salmon population (a source […]

March 23rd

Chaos from the Sky – Russian Meteor Impact Stirs Urgent Calls for Asteroid 'Sentries' [VIDEOS]

File this under ‘strange coincidence of cosmic phenomena’… The near-Earth fly-by of asteroid 2012 DA14 co-occurred with a bus-sized meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere over the Russian Ural mountain city of Chelyabinsk, producing blinding flashes and numerous sonic booms — blowing out windows in buildings over a fairly wide area — before finally exploding into a […]

February 15th

Rhino Crisis Round Up: The First 10 Days of 2013

During the first ten days of 2013, a total of seven rhinos have already been killed in South Africa and India, while arrests have been made in India, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam. Unfortunately, South Africa’s final body count for 2012 was even higher than expected. The South African Department of Environmental Affairs announced on January […]

January 11th

I Love Electric Cars — Here Are 7 Reasons Why

  Not sure what you think about electric cars? Not sure if they’re awesome or meh? I think you can tell from the title what I think. There are probably plenty more reasons than this, but these are the big reasons (for me) to love electric cars: 1. Electric cars are better for the environment […]

October 15th

Visibelt — LED Belt For Cyclists, Runners, Pedestrians

  I love the way this attention-getting, eye-catching, visibelt for cyclists, runners, pedestrians, and any night-time traveler is made of energy-efficient LED lights; spinning out from one’s body like an aura. I want one. It would go great with an actual “Aura” system on my wheels when biking at night. This visibelt will bring bright notice of me or you as the […]

October 12th

New 44 MW Project By Solartron Is Largest In South Asia, Offset 800,000 Tons Of Carbon Over 25 Years

  The world’s largest producer of solar panels, Power Holdings Co., recently announced that the largest silicon photovoltaic power plant in South Asia, ‘Sunny Bangchak’, achieved grid connection on September 4, 2012. The 44-megawatt project is located in Bang Pa-In, Ayutthaya, 40 kilometers outside Bangkok, Thailand. It utilizes Suntech’s high performance solar panels and was […]

September 29th

Help Fund This Project! (Seriously)

  The founder of our whole Important Media network (yep, our network of 19 progressive blogs) has actually had to step away from his role at the helm of Important Media recently. He’s had to do so for a couple of reasons, but most notably at the moment, to work his butt off in an effort to […]

September 7th

Going Green Tip: Cleaning Your Carpet the Green Way

  There are some things we think of immediately when we think of “going green” — solar panels, electric cars, bikes, organic and vegetarian food, organic clothing. And, certainly, these are the big boys. But there are also many other things that we almost never think about, like carpets and rugs. They need a green […]

September 4th