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Comet ISON Shining Vibrant Emerald Green In New Image

A beautiful new image of Comet ISON has just come to light — showing the vibrant, almost emerald green color of the comet’s coma. The image was taken with the 0.8-meter Schulman Telescope at the University of Arizona SkyCenter by astrophotographer Adam Block. While Comet ISON is lagging behind some of the more optimistic predictions […]

October 10th

Draconid Meteor Shower Peaks Monday Night — October 7 2013

The Draconids meteor shower is only a couple days off now — on Monday October 7, 2013, the sometimes prolific, but very unpredictable, meteor shower will be peaking, sometime shortly after nightfall. Though the absolute peak will be on Monday — Tuesday October 8, 2013, should also be a good night for meteor watching as […]

October 5th

Massive Fireball Streaks Midwestern Skies

Tennessee photo of the bright, fast “fireball” meteor that passed over Indiana last week (from WKRN). It wasn’t just any old meteor that buzzed the nation’s midsection at around 11:30 last Friday night. It was AMS Event 2132, one of 4,401 meteors and about 15 fireballs seen in September over the United States. Authorities say […]

October 5th

Draconids Meteor Shower Peaks On October 7 2013

The often times prolific, but somewhat unpredictable, Draconid meteor shower is almost here — next Monday, on the night of October 7, 2013, the Draconids are expected to reach their peak rate for the year, sometime around nightfall for those in mid and northern latitudes. October 8 should also be a good night to watch […]

September 30th

Earth Jealous of Moon

This cartoon is in the current issue of Yes! Magazine. It’s a great issue about STUFF. Annie Leonard is the cover girl and Woody gets a little press for his tree-free paper company Step Forward Paper. I have 2 cartoons in this issue. I’ll share the other one next week…it may be my new favorite. […]

August 22nd

Cosmic 'Cold Spot' Challenges Inflation Model Of The Early Universe

This past spring, the most detailed mapping of the early universe was released to the public. Certain anomalous features of this map have attracted the intense scrutiny of astrophysicist and cosmologists. In particular, there appears to be a massive “cold spot” in the data distribution whereas the current Inflationary Model of the universe says there […]

August 13th

Perseids Meteor Shower Peaks On Monday August 12 2013

The Perseids meteor shower will be reaching its peak this weekend/early next week. The exact peak will be on Monday August 12 2013, in the very early morning, but any night this weekend should offer spectacular shows. Reports are that there seem to be a lot of fireballs this year, so make sure you get […]

August 10th

Sun's Magnetic Field About To Flip (Video)

The Sun’s magnetic field is about to flip. According to recent measurements gathered by NASA-supported observatories, the vast solar magnetic field is on the verge of making its regularly occurring reversal. The solar magnetic field reverses in polarity approximately every 11 years. “It looks like we’re no more than three to four months away from […]

August 6th

Perseids Meteor Shower Peaks August 12 2013

The Perseid meteor shower — consistently one of the best mentor showers of the year — is nearly here. While peak of the prolific Perseids won’t be until August 12 2013, the meteor shower will offer a good show throughout most of early August — and overlaps with the tail-end of the Delta Aquarids. Something […]

July 31st

NASA's WISE Finds That Most Centaurs Are Comets

Celestial centaurs — the small sub-planetary bodies that are found orbiting the sun somewhere between Jupiter and Neptune — have remained something of a mystery since their discovery. What exactly are they? Asteroids? Comets? Well new research done using NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) may finally be providing an answer to those questions — […]

July 26th

Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks On July 29 2013

The Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower will be reaching its peak sometime in the early morning hours of July 29 2013 — the peak is a very gradual one for this mentor shower though, so the nights of July 27 – July 29 should all be of similar intensity. As always, the Delta Aquarids are a […]

July 25th

Neptune's New Moon — S/2004 N 1 — 14th Moon Of Neptune Discovered

A new moon was recently discovered orbiting Neptune by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope — which means that there are now 14 known moons orbiting the distant blue-green gas-giant. The new moon — S/2004 N 1 — is tiny, being no larger than 12 miles across, which makes it the smallest moon currently known of within […]

July 17th

HD 189733b — Blue Exoplanet Where The Rain Is Made Of Molten Glass

HD 189733b — an exoplanet located about 63 light-years away — has now had its actual visible-light color deduced, thanks to new research done with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. If seen directly the exoplanet would appear as a ‘deep blue dot’ — looking a lot like the way that the Earth appears from space. That’s […]

July 15th

NASA's New Robotic Polar Rover — GROVER — Passes First Polar Field Test

NASA’s new robotic polar rover — GROVER — recently passed its first field test in a polar environment. The rover — commanded solely via satellite communications — successfully navigated the highest, most-extreme point in Greenland, dealing with wind gusts of over 30 mph and temperatures as low as -22 Fahrenheit. GROVER — an acronym for […]

July 9th

Gas-Giant Exoplanets Generally Stay Close To Their Parent Stars, Research Finds

Gas-giant planets are far more likely to orbit very closely to their parent star than they are to orbit at distances farther away, according to new research made possible by the Gemini Observatory’s Planet-Finding Campaign. “It seems that gas-giant exoplanets are like clinging offspring,” says Michael Liu of the University of Hawaii’s Institute for Astronomy […]

June 28th