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The Lindberg Report Podcast: Massive Layoffs Due at Yucca Mountain

Amid increased activity signaling a possible resurgence of interest in nuclear power facilities, comes word from Nevada that isn’t at all surprising. Ward Sproat, shown in the Las Vegas Review-Journal photo at the left, is director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management, and announced Tuesday that Yucca Mountain in Nevada […]

January 17th

Is Utah to Become a Uranium Dumping Ground for the World?

Here’s the scenario. You’re a young boy living in southern Utah, not far from Nevada’s atomic testing grounds. The mushroom clouds that rose in the sky were fascinating to see, as was the greenish tint that hung in the western sky for weeks. As your family drives from your home along the road to Zion […]

January 14th

The Lindberg Report Podcast: The New Global Crisis? Food!

BMO Financial Group strategist Donald Coxe warns that the current credit crunch and soaring oil prices will pale in comparison to a looming shortage of food. Again, I’ve included a podcast, just in case you’d rather listen: food-prices.mp3 Investors are being warned, a global food catastrophe is emerging, a dire prediction he dropped on the […]

January 5th

The Lindberg Report Podcast: Concerns About 2008

I have two concerns for the year 2008, the first is the proliferation of uranium mining and nuclear power stations, and the second is that George Bush and Dick Cheney will be in office for the entire year. Before going on, I’ve made a podcast of this article, and if you’d rather listen, the link […]

January 2nd

More Deadly Christmas Gifts on the Shelves?

“35 percent of toys contain lead” “Testers bought most popular children’s products at major retail dealers.” The headlines from an Associated Press story out of Detroit, on the results of tests performed by the Michigan-based Ecology Center, along with the national Center for Health, Environment and Justice, and groups in eight other states. What’s a […]

December 5th

Have Eco-Anxiety? You Probably Do, But There’s Hope

More and more people are showing up at their therapists these days with signs of what is called eco-anxiety, or fear concerning environmental issues. Santa Fe, NM therapist Melissa Pickett says this unrest has been growing in the last two years, and may be the tip of the iceberg. Michael d’Estries wrote about Melissa in […]

December 3rd

Scientists Ask for Billions to Increase Ocean Monitoring

Marine scientists are meeting with the 72-nation Group on Earth Observations (GEO) in Cape Town, South Africa this week, asking for $2-3 billion to study the threats of climate change and overfishing of the world’s oceans. Attending will be representatives from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego. I had the privilege of interviewing […]

November 28th