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Cleantech Talk #3

Also published on EV Obsession, GAS2, and CleanTechnica. Chris DeMorro and I jumped into our third Cleantech Talk podcast just a couple of hours ago. I think we really hit our stride with this one. It was a lot of fun, and felt like a really long tennis or ping pong rally this time… as […]

March 4th

Cleantech Talk Podcast #2

Also published on EV Obsession, Solar Love, CleanTechnica & GAS2. Chris DeMorro and I recorded our second “Cleantech Talk” podcast earlier today. It is embedded below for your listening pleasure. I’ve begun the process of getting the podcast included on iTunes, but it’s a bit complicated, so I didn’t want to wait for that to be […]

March 4th

Cleantech Talk Podcast #1

Also published on EV Obsession, CleanTechnica, and Gas2. Chris DeMorro and I have just launched a new podcast series, “Cleantech Talk.” We’ll surely get into other topics down the road, but for this first one, it was all about electric vehicles. We discussed 4 big stories from the past week, which I’ll write a bit […]

March 4th

Debunking Myths? Listen to This Podcast!!

I wrote on the Debunking Handbook created by Skeptical Science and some others when it was released. It’s really a must-read, but if you haven’t checked it out and are not sure if you can find the time, this podcast below by Stephen Lacey of Climate Progress with John Cook of Skeptical Science summarizes much of […]

February 28th

Green iPhone Apps Reviewed. Part 2: Paid Apps

[social_buttons] If you missed Green iPhone Apps Reviewed Part 1: Free Apps, you can see it here. After my first batch of reviews on the free green iPhone apps, I have gotten some great suggestions on green apps. If you have any you you would like to see reviewed, you can comment here, head over […]

August 6th

NAACP Opposes Planned N.C. Chicken-Waste Power Plants

The NAACP has joined with environmental groups to oppose the construction of three power plants because of concerns that burning the feces will expose poor people to arsenic and other contaminants. “Everyone wants jobs, but you have to be against a job that on the back end may bring disease,” said William Barber II, president […]

March 6th

Want to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses by 12 Million Tons A Year? Ship by Rail, Not by Truck, On The Lindberg Report

“Railroads are the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient way to move goods on land.” Freight trains have evolved over the years, carrying freight in a variety of ways, including taking semi-trailer rigs off the highways and shipping them on flat-cars. If you’re anywhere near a railroad track, you’ll see what are called intermodal trains […]

May 22nd

Human Interaction with Nature: Endangered Plants — Echinacea

Editor’s note: Part 3 of the “Human Interaction with Nature” series focuses on an endangered plant species: echinacea. This post, and the accompanying podcast, were created by Bobby Grace, and originally published on Friday, May 19th, 2008. I spoke with KU professor, ethnobotanist, and Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie author Kelly Kindscher about the […]

Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown Anniversary on The Lindberg Report

April 26 marks the 22nd anniversary of the 1986 nuclear accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Slavutych, Ukraine. That one incident resulted in hundreds and possibly thousands of deaths, lingering health issues, radioactive contamination of a wide swath of land, property losses and on-going clean-up costs totaling billions of dollars.The Ukranian-American Environmental Association […]

April 25th

Do Ethanol, Biodiesel or Biomass Projects Produce Waste? AURI Says NO, on The Lindberg Report.

Alan Doering of AURI says agricultural residues and co-products aren’t waste, they’re potential new revenue streams to power the future. AURI, or Agricultural Utilization Research Institute of Waseca, Minnesota, is a nonprofit organization that develops new uses for agricultural products and ag-processing co-products. Alan Doering, an Associate Scientist with AURI, filled me in on steps […]

April 21st

Ecopreneurist, Marketer, Consultant; MC Milker on The Lindberg Report

That smiling face belongs to MC Milker, head writer for Ecopreneurist where writers focus on sustainable and social entrepreneurship . MC is well-suited for this project, she spent 20 years in corporate marketing, working for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups. She’s taught marketing and public relations at the University of California, Berkeley, and […]

April 18th

Safe Hydrogen Fuel System Using Water Proven and Ready

The young man with his firetruck has apparently done it! He’s created a system that converts water to hydrogen gas that’ll run that fire engine, and your car. His name is James Hunt, I wrote about him and his invention last year. Now, from his AKVO Energy headquarters in Monmouth, Illinois, James talks about his […]

April 14th

The Lindberg Report: Timothy Hurst of Red, Green, and Blue

My guest today is Timothy Hurst, lead writer for Red, Green, and Blue, Green Options political blog. In his blog, Tim focuses on applied energy politics, and the global green movement. While continuing his education in graduate school, he’s actively involved in environmental advocacy in his adopted home town in Colorado. Here’s our interview: tim-hurst-2.mp3

April 3rd

The Lindberg Report: Boomers! Did You Really Mean It?

My recent interview with David Mills, author of 10,000 Days, got me to thinking about the cultural revolution of the 1960’s and 70’s. Being a product of the depression, my involvement was to sit back and look on in amazement as we seemed to shift into the high gear of a revolt of sorts. Young […]

March 27th

Baby Boomers Have 10,000 Days, The Lindberg Report

What happens when a Baby Boomer realizes he still has at least 10,000 or more days to be productive, and maybe finish some of the things he promised to do more than 10,000 days ago? David Mills wrote a book about it, “10,000 Days, A Call To Arms for the Baby Boom Generation,” a challenge […]

March 25th

The Lindberg Report Podcast: Clayton Cornell of Gas2

My guest today is no stranger to the subject of biofuels. Clayton began experimenting with small-scale biodiesel production at Oregon State University. Of his many projects to produce and use a local fuel source, he was involved in the construction of a biodiesel reactor designed to convert waste cafeteria oil into biodiesel for use in […]

March 13th

The Lindberg Report Podcast: Sarah Lozanova of CleanTechnica

Sarah Lozanova is a native Chicagoan who is passionate about renewable energy. She has an MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio School of Management in San Francisco and she is working on developing ways for corporations to solve environmental and social challenges that face society. When she can escape the Internet vortex, she enjoys […]

March 6th

The Lindberg Report Podcast: Hops Have Feelings Too!

As we approach another St. Patrick’s Day celebration, I think it only appropriate to bring everyone’s attention to PETH. Recent news stories indicate there is a shortage of hops, mainly because farmers are turning their attention to growing corn, soybeans and other food crops for the manufacture of ethanol and biodiesel. While recording interviews for […]

March 6th

The Lindberg Report Podcast: An Interview with Gavin Hudson

Gavin is lead writer for EcoWorldly, one of the excellent blog sites here in the Green Options Network. Gavin has majors in French, Italian, and Comparative Literature from the University of California, Davis. He currently teaches English language in Gangneung, South Korea. Gavin’s favorite environmentally-minded work has included: co-founding the grassroots Nature Conservation Club at […]

February 28th

The Lindberg Report Podcast: An Interview with Shirley Siluk Gregory

Ed: We’re very excited to bring The Lindberg Report into the content mix at Planetsave! Each week, our “master podcaster” Max Lindberg will provide you with a snapshot of what’s happening in the Green Options Media blog network. You’ll hear the voices of our writing team, and get Max’s insight on some of the interesting […]

February 21st

The Lindberg Report Podcast: Why Has It Taken So Long?

That’s the question I posed to Ward Sproat, the DOE’s manager of the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management. His agency is in charge of the Yucca Mountain waste repository project in Nevada. This is the classic “Not in my back yard” battle, even more understandable since Nevada was the site of nuclear weapons testing […]

February 11th

The Lindberg Report Podcast: Yucca Mountain: The Nevada Case, Part Two

This is the second part of a podcast with Robert Loux, Executive Director of the Agency for Nuclear Projects in Nevada. If you missed the first installment, it’s available at: Yucca Mountain: The Nevada Case Podcast, Part One . In this segment, Loux discusses the Department of Energy‘s regulatory process, falsehoods and other manipulation of […]

January 22nd