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Would Contact by E.T.'s Save Us or Destroy Us? – Paper Causes Web Stir

‘Would Contact with Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis’ is the title of a recently published paper that has been making the rounds and causing a bit of a hullabaloo this past week. The “controversy” stems from an erroneous attribution of the paper to NASA. Regardless, the paper is newsworthy for what it is willing to consider, which is the fate of humanity post first contact.

August 21st

Cash Sweepstakes Reminder!

Have you let us know what your favorite article of the month is yet.. for a chance to win some super easy cash? If not, just pick your favorite post (our top 20 of July are here) and drop the link in the comments of this post.

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August 6th

Planetsave Reader Survey Results!!

It’s been about a month or so since we launched the Planetsave reader survey. So, I think it’s a good time to reveal the results so far (though, I think I’m going to keep it open to continue gathering data). So far, here’s what our fabulous readers (you) have told us….

July 26th

Cash Sweepstakes Reminder

If you haven’t done so already, take yourself over to the post at the top of this page and easily enter for your chance to win some cash from Planetsave (odds are insanely good). All you have to do there is complete a 1-minute survey (if you haven’t already) and leave a comment telling us that you did!

July 10th

Planetsave Survey (Reminder)

Reminder: if you haven’t filled out our reader survey yet (and you don’t visit the homepage often enough to see that it is stuck to the top of the page), please fill this out!

We want all readers’ and potential readers’ responses on this so we can try to best satisfy your wishes.

June 27th

Planetsave Reader Survey!!

We’ve got thousands of subscribers on RSS, thousands of followers on Facebook (yes, that’s our Facebook page), nearly a thousand of followers on Twitter, thousands of email subscribers, and tons more daily readers who just come straight to our site or even have our site set as their homepage. But, beyond some basic demographic information, what we’ve learned from the handful of readers we’ve gotten to know quite well, and what we can glean from examining which posts get popular and how you respond to them, we don’t know much about you!

June 20th

Top 20 Planetsave Stories in May

Hello Planetsavers! I thought I’d start doing a monthly wrap-up of our top 20 posts for people to have a glance at. Many of the top stories this month, as you’ll notice, were clearly tied into major world news events. Google is the main traffic driver for the large majority of sites on the Internet and ours isn’t an exception. Covering environmental news consistently, this often results in the biggest news stories rising to the top.

June 3rd

Help Planetsave (& Help Yourself)

In addition to the news pages I recently added to our site, I’ve added two more important pages I thought I should let you know about. Here’s what they are, what they’re about, and why I created them. Become a Planetsaver “Saving the world” is no small task…. We have become a leading green blog […]

March 11th

New Pages on Planetsave

If you are one of the thousands of people who read our blog from the comfort of your email box or RSS reader, you may not have noticed that I’ve added a handful of pages to our site. (Even if you are a regular on-site reader, maybe you haven’t noticed.) Here’s a quick overview of […]

March 8th

Technorati Ranks Planetsave as a Top "Science" & "Green" Blog

I thought I’d finally share with our readers (if you’re not already aware) that Planetsave has been doing really well in Technorati’s rankings over the past few months or so. It is a clear leader in Technorati’s “Science” and “Green” categories. In the Science category, Planetsave is currently #11, with just a few NASA blogs, […]

February 22nd

Thank You & Happy Thanksgiving

There are things I like about Thanksgiving and there are things I’m not a huge fan of, but one thing I love is taking a moment to give thanks and appreciation. On this special day, I’d like to give a big thanks to our wonderful readers and to the talented, passionate, thoughtful writers on Planetsave. […]

November 25th

Planetsave & YOU

I’ve been working as editor of Planetsave for almost 6 months now. (Wow, that’s hard to believe!) In this time, I have continually been trying to think of good ways to engage our reader community. Although, I haven’t delved into too many. Now, though, I’ve got one I’d really like to try out. This is […]

September 15th