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Fast Forward To A Gobbled-Up Milky Way

You may have heard that the days of our home galaxy, the Milky Way, are numbered. The Milky Way is one of the dominant galaxies of a cluster known as the Local Group. The other major player in the group is the Andromeda nebula (M31). And according to recent measurements by the Hubble Space Telescope, […]

May 29th

Future Ice Melt Patterns In Antarctica

One of the main impacts of climate change is sea level rise, brought about through melting of the world’s ice sheets and glaciers, as well as through thermal expansion of the oceans. The vast majority of world’s fresh water is locked up in the massive ice sheets covering Antarctica and Greenland. Of the two, Antarctica […]

May 16th

Four Reasons Why Democracy is Ineffective as an Agent of Change

  We often take it for granted that democracy is the best way for us to run our societies. In democratic countries, governments are given consent to rule and legitimacy by the people through the electoral process, and elected governments are presumed to be generally representative of public opinion. But how well does democracy function […]

March 19th

Unitarian Society Commits to Nature Conservancy

The Unitarian Society of Germantown holds its worship in a tall, elegant cathedral set in a leafy suburb of northwest Philadelphia- but, unlike other religious organizations where ecological responsibility has been slow to make a real impact, this congregation has committed to making a real difference. “We don’t have a creed, but we do follow […]

January 20th

Planetsave Passes 10 Million Views

I’m sending out a huge thanks to our readers and especially sharers. Our site has just passed 10 million pageviews, and so much of that is due to passionate readers who stick around, follow the site, and share our content with others. We try to publish very interesting and useful content that we think a […]

November 11th

Make-believe "Polarization" In 1st Hearing On Climate Plan

President Obama’s Plan to Fight Climate Change has an initial Congressional hearing ( Here’s what happened: Perhaps the second great step the Obama Administration has made this year with respect to climate change–after the President’s June 25 iteration of his sketchy but essentially solid outline for a new climate plan–happened this past week. The House […]

September 30th

World Rhino Day is September 22! #worldrhinoday

On September 22, 2013, the fourth annual World Rhino Day will be celebrated with special events organized both online and offline by zoos, NGOs, conservancies, schools, businesses, and concerned citizens. This year, the big day falls on a Sunday, which has prompted some celebrants to include Saturday, September 21 — making it a weekend of sharing […]

September 6th