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Calling Out Phony-Baloney George Will

There is a person who’s columns I regularly read, because I often find it fun to disagree with him. This person is George Will, conservative commentator and phony-baloney. I call him a phony-baloney, because it seems to fit with the old-fashioned bow tie he sometimes chooses to wear on television programs like Sunday’s political talk […]

May 22nd

Human Interaction with Nature: Endangered Plants — Echinacea

Editor’s note: Part 3 of the “Human Interaction with Nature” series focuses on an endangered plant species: echinacea. This post, and the accompanying podcast, were created by Bobby Grace, and originally published on Friday, May 19th, 2008. I spoke with KU professor, ethnobotanist, and Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie author Kelly Kindscher about the […]

Human Interaction with Nature: Endangered Animal Species

Editor’s note: Part two of the “Human Interaction with Nature” series focuses on human impacts on fauna. This post was written by Lindsay Crupper, and originally published on Friday, May 9, 2008. While it is obvious that climate change affects humans across the globe, it also affects the animal kingdom as well. For millions of […]

Polar Bear Finally Listed as ‘Endangered’

For a long time now we’ve spoken about the continuing effort by US and other environmental and animal rights groups to get the polar bear listed on the United States Endangered Species Act. Polar bear populations have been declining over the past few years, attributable, some claim, to man-made global warming. Al Gore helped the […]

May 15th

Where the Wild Things Roamed

Large herds of buffalo once trampled the Great Plains, making the landscape appear black and in motion. Wolves roamed the continent, creating complex societies. This time period now lives as legend, in accounts from early settlers and Indian stories. Scattered reserves are home to relatively small populations. A recently study by scientists from the Princeton […]

January 31st

EU Sets Strict Curbs on Fishing Bluefin Tuna

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – EU governments agreed a 15-year plan on Tuesday that set strict curbs on fishing for bluefin tuna, cutting quotas and tightening port inspections to stop the species from heading for extinction. Prized by sushi and sashimi lovers, bluefin tuna has seen its numbers fall sharply in eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. In […]

November 27th

No More Sushi?

BARBATE, Spain (Reuters) – Fishermen like Diego Crespo have trapped the giant tuna swarming into the warm Mediterranean for over 3,000 years, but he says this year may be one of his last. Japanese demand for its fatty flesh to make sushi has sparked a fishing frenzy for the Atlantic bluefin tuna — a torpedo-shaped […]

October 1st