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Sunken Ancient Egyptian Port-City Reveals Some Of Its Secrets

The ancient Egyptian sunken port-city of Thonis-Heracleion is now having some of its secrets revealed thanks to new research from the University of Oxford. The port-city served as the obligatory gateway to Egypt sometime around the first millennium BC, being the place where incoming cargo from other regions was inventoried and taxed, before being transferred […]

April 8th

Robot Jellyfish Could Be Powered By Seawater

Researchers at Virginia Tech, the University of Texas at Dallas and some other universities are working on the development of robotic jellyfish for a project funded by the US Navy. The propulsion mechanism for the artificial jellyfish employs hydrogen and oxygen mixed with seawater. A chemical reaction results, which causes material in the robotic jellyfish […]

April 5th

In Search Of Conservation's 'Holy Grail' – Dealing With The Trade-Offs

“The Triple Bottom Line Solution” – When it comes to to preserving and conserving this planet’s dwindling crucial ecosystems and biodiversity “hot spots”, the mission is full of trade-offs. Effective conservation efforts can be costly and limiting access to natural resources (exploitation of which has led to the need for conservation in the first place) […]

March 29th

Manatees Dying In Large Numbers On Both Coasts Of Florida Now

A significant number of manatees have died this year as a result of red tide blooms off the southwest coast of Florida, more than 180 so far. These red tide blooms are largely caused, and made more severe, by agricultural and urban runoff that the alga Karenia brevis then uses for food. And now in […]

March 19th

After Ever After Viral Video Has Green Gene (Video)

Brand new viral video “After Ever After” from Paint just popped onto my radar. After two days, the video has almost 1.5 million views. I decided to check it out for basically two reasons: 1) I was curious what might be the next big, big thing (following Gangnam Style & Harlem Shake), and 2) the […]

March 15th

Algae In The Gulf Of Mexico Purposefully Become Toxic When Food Is Scarce

The very-common “red tide” algae Karenia brevis is regularly responsible for a very large number of fish deaths through large-scale fish kills. And now new research has revealed that these large fish kills are partially a result of the algae purposefully becoming more poisonous as a result of limited nutrients, as a survival mechanism. When […]

March 14th

Pacific Leatherback Turtles Could Be Extinct In 20 Years

Pacific leatherback turtles are the largest in the world. They can grow up to 2,000 pounds and six feet long. They migrate from the West Coast of the United States each year to Indonesia, a journey of about 6,000 miles. This epic journey is one of the longest in Nature, and takes about seven months. […]

March 4th

Why So Sad, Single Use Plastic Bag?

More on Plastic Bags Plastic Bag Ban Community Page – Changing The World Together, One Bag at a Time What are the Pros and Cons of Banning Plastic Bags? Life Cycle of Plastic Bag (Infographic) Our ‘Toxic’ Love-Hate Relationship With Plastics Joe’s cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and StumbleUpon page…

February 14th

Top Causes Of Global Warming Hit Record Highs

  Like huge, ravening monsters, the top causes of global warming are ignoring man’s attempts to stop them and continue to hit record highs, according to the World Meteorological Organisation. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the biggest single cause of global warming, rose by 2ppm (parts per million) in 2010-2011, reaching a […]

November 20th

Which Is The World's Largest Marine Reserve?

  Two hot “world’s largest marine reserve” stories have been swimming around the news over the last few months. A few days ago Australia announced it was going to create a massive network of marine reserves whose area would total 888,000 miles2. That’s nearly the combined area of Alaska and Texas… 931,000 miles2! However, back […]

November 19th

1/3 Of All Ocean Life Remains Unknown, New Report Says

The world’s oceans remain largely unknown to science, with at least 1/3 of the total oceanic species in the world currently undiscovered, according to a new report. And that is even with the dramatic increase in the number of new species discovered in the last decade compared to any previous ones. By the researchers’ estimate […]

November 16th

Al Gore On Global Warming–Sandy Connection (Video)

  Al Gore, again, nails communication of the link between global warming and Sandy, as well as numerous other US climate disasters this year. Check it out: He also nails the fact that political money from dirty energy is what is slowing important efforts to stop global warming:

November 2nd

Hurricane Sandy Tuesday Morning Roundup

  Here’s a roundup of some Hurricane / Superstorm Sandy news from around: Dr Joe Romm of Climate Progress has gathered up a number of records Sandy has already set: CNN Weather Center tweets: “NEW #RECORD daily rainfall set at Atlantic City, NJ! 4.55″ of rain seen so far, shattering the old record of 2.33″ set back in […]

October 30th

Sandy / Frankenstorm News Roundup

  There’s a lot of good coverage out there about Hurricane Sandy / Frankenstorm, a storm that is expected to cause billions of dollars in damage and affect approximately 50 million people. Here’s a roundup of some of those stories: Toles on Ignoring the Climate Issue (via Climate Progress): Yes, this is related to Hurricane […]

October 29th

Frankenstorm — Perfect Term For Hurricane Sandy

  Here’s an excellent piece from the always excellent Dr Joe Romm (with several updates in there from the tie the article was originally published until now), focused on Hurricane Sandy and why “Frankenstorm” is an excellent term for the giant, human-influenced, scary hurricane (no matter what CNN might think): CNN Bans Term ‘Frankenstorm’, But It’s […]

October 29th

Antarctica and Arctic Polar Opposites

  Never let it be said that planet Earth made life easy for its scientists. A new NASA study has shown that, while the Arctic has been losing ice each summer, Antarctica has been gaining ice. “There’s been an overall increase in the sea ice cover in the Antarctic, which is the opposite of what […]

October 24th

Increasing Amounts Of Plastic Trash Being Found In The Arctic Deep Sea

  The seafloor in the Arctic deep sea is becoming increasingly polluted with plastic garbage and waste, according to researchers. There is more trash seen at the AWI deep-sea observatory HAUSGARTEN in the Arctic than even in a deep-sea canyon that’s located next to Lisbon, Portugal. The new research was led by Dr. Melanie Bergmann, […]

October 23rd

Can Penguins Survive Without Fish? I Don't Think So…

  The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) is a bit of a mouthful, but that’s rather the point. Penguins, seals and other land-based animals living on the Antarctic continent enjoy a privileged, if slightly chilly, position. The land they live upon is protected from human exploitation in a way no […]

October 22nd

Carbon Dioxide Makes Ice Weaker, MIT Researchers Find

  A study conducted by researchers at MIT found that increased levels of carbon dioxide cause ice to weaken and make it more likely to split and fracture, regardless of the temperature. With the increase in global temperatures and CO2, the polar ice caps could melt at a faster rate than experts previously projected. The study was published […]

October 22nd

The First Victims Of Climate Change

  People are accustomed to equalize terms of “global warming” and “climate change,” but in fact they are pretty much distinctive. Global warming is one of the reflections of climate change, which might be compared to glaciers’ meltdown, natural disasters, and overwhelming precipitations. Certainly, they follow the global process of climate change, which results in major influence […]

October 19th

U.S. Businessman Conducts Massive and 'Illegal' Ocean Fertilization Experiment Off Canada's West Coast

[UPDATED: Oct. 18, 2012; see below] Geoengineering theories and  experiments have received much attention in recent years, with one recent experiment in “ocean (iron) fertilization” successfully conducted off the coast of Antarctica by a German scientific research team. Past experiments of this kind had mostly failed. The basic idea is to trigger large blooms of […]

October 17th

Climate Change Will Lead To Smaller Fish, Study Says

  Climate change’s effects on the ocean and various climate systems could very likely lead to smaller ocean fish, according to new research by fisheries scientists at the University of British Columbia. Their research, just published September 30th in the journal Nature Climate Change, is providing the “first-ever global projection of the potential reduction in […]

October 1st

Global Fisheries Approaching Collapse

  A new report by the Sustainable Fisheries Group (SFG) has confirmed the suspicions held by many researchers that the thousands of fisheries that there isn’t much data on — that’s nearly 80 percent of the world’s fisheries — are in steep decline but could potentially recover to a degree if they are properly managed. […]

September 30th