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Island Nation to Create Massive Marine Mammal Sanctuary

In a rare win for protecting the beautiful creatures of the sea and biodiversity as a whole, the small Island nation of Palau is acting big. Yale Environment 360 reports: The Pacific Island nation of Palau has announced the establishment of a 230,000-square-mile marine mammal sanctuary that will protect whales, dolphins, and the endangered dugong […]

October 29th

Warming Planet Affecting Storms Differently by Hemisphere

Global warming will have a varying effect on weather systems depending on which hemisphere they are in, according to new research from MIT’s Paul O’Gorman, who found that the warming of the planet will affect the availability of energy to fuel large-scale weather systems that occur at Earth’s middle latitudes. O’Gorman found that more intense […]

October 26th

La Nina Strengthening For Winter of Extremes in US

The American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released their annual Winter Outlook, stating that a strong La Niña will strengthen and stay throughout the northern winter, playing the role of dominant climate factor. “La Niña is in place and will strengthen and persist through the winter months, giving us a better understanding of […]

October 24th

Coral Reefs Gone by 2100?

This post is part of our participation in Blog Action Day 2010, which is on the topic of Water. A recent report out by the Institute of Physics (IOP) finds that weak global climate change targets are likely to result in all coral reefs dying off by 2100. The great importance of this matter is, […]

October 15th

Experts Say Ocean Acidification is a "Planet Changer"

Leading experts at the 2009 Aspen Environment Forum called ocean acidification caused by high levels of CO2 emissions a “planet changer”, and predicted that all coral in the ocean would be in danger of dying off by mid-century if we continued to burn fossil fuel at our current rate. Ken Caldeira of Carnegie Institution, Martin […]

March 29th

EU Sets Strict Curbs on Fishing Bluefin Tuna

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – EU governments agreed a 15-year plan on Tuesday that set strict curbs on fishing for bluefin tuna, cutting quotas and tightening port inspections to stop the species from heading for extinction. Prized by sushi and sashimi lovers, bluefin tuna has seen its numbers fall sharply in eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. In […]

November 27th

No More Sushi?

BARBATE, Spain (Reuters) – Fishermen like Diego Crespo have trapped the giant tuna swarming into the warm Mediterranean for over 3,000 years, but he says this year may be one of his last. Japanese demand for its fatty flesh to make sushi has sparked a fishing frenzy for the Atlantic bluefin tuna — a torpedo-shaped […]

October 1st